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  1. Interoffice Memo System To: Aliyobi From: Aittera Timmons It has been brought to my attention that the term "midget" is politically incorrect. Pursuant to getting that reaction out of Kelri, may I suggest "munchkin" instead? I used it in the hall just now, and the look on her face was priceless. Enjoy. You owe me a bottle of whiskey.
  2. The sound of a knock at the door drew Angel's attention from the paperwork she had been struggling to focus on. “Come.” The door opened, and her head of security stepped in. Alex's “tough-as-nails”, experienced friend had turned out to be a woman who worked as a bodyguard of considerable reputation named Sheridan Zila, and someone Angel had come to like. She had traveled to Earth from another world – a common enough occurrence in Paragon City with companies like Portal Corp poking around – and her story about her history with a mage and an inhuman lover had come across as a bit lac
  3. The four essentials of being a PI, according to Maxwell Timmons, were punching, kicking, drinking, and talking shit. Angel groaned as she looked over at the empty bourbon bottle that lay among the shattered glass that had once been a tasteful coffee table. “Well, that's one down.” She pushed herself to her feet with a groan, her head pounding harder with the effort, and found her way to the kitchen perhaps by willpower alone. It had been a while since she'd done something as stupid as attempting to drown herself in a bottle of cheap booze, and she could swear that jus
  4. “Hello?” “Hey, Dani! It's Angel.” “Angel! How've you been?” “I'm alright. How about you? School should be almost done, right?” “A couple of weeks, yeah. Need help on a case?” “Well, no, not per say. I'm sort of expanding the business.” “Did Gary's Bail Bonds move?” **laughter** “Uh...no, it's still there. A friend of mine had an idea to turn Timmons Investigations into a kind of security firm slash private investigations slash...some kind of merc---I don't know what to call it, so I'm just going with it. We'
  5. Date night for me, but hopefully, I can make it in the future to the monthly parties!
  6. The Beginning “When I said you could help me out, I thought you were going to buy some more furniture.” Angel looked up at the stylized sign on the wall behind the reception desk, her expression dubious. “I know, but this is what you need, and it's not a loan or charity. It's a joint business venture. I provide the space and the office, and you provide--” “Alex, I'm not sleeping with you again. It was a one time thing. I told you, I'm not looking for a partner. Of any kind.” “Silent partner. Look, I'm going to keep doing the hero thing,
  7. Something of a combination character list and story thread: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/27761-hi-caliber-solutions/
  8. Sometimes, the heroes are busy with bigger things. Fate of the world things. Sometimes, the police have too much on their hands already. Sometimes, investigations go cold and the bad guys get away. That's when Hi-Caliber Solutions can help! We're a private firm with a highly skilled staff of investigators who care about tracking down your property, finding your missing loved one, or seeking out that key piece of evidence that can aid in securing justice. Our security division can arrange comprehensive home or business protection services or provide discre
  9. This sounds brilliant! I look forward to seeing it!
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