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  1. You may be interested in these weekly discussions that were posted about a year ago: Widow: Soldier: Summary from those two discussions as posted by GM Miss: Widow: Soldier: Source to the weekly discussion: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/14362-discord-weekly-discussion-ongoing-and-updated-thread/ As a Bane main, I share your want for some review, lol.
  2. From a practical standpoint: Your badges don't match up! (10-50 badges, Damage taken badges, and more!) RP-Wise: Your character would not, in fact be from Praetoria. They would be from primal. A stolen valor, if you will. But this isn't really an important point to me. You can't make characters on another planet, but we accept we have plenty of characters "from another planet" RP-Wise. Your bio determines whats true and whats not (to an extent?) Its more of a personal problem that I would feel like a fraud if I didn't have a toon from Praetoria if I was claiming that I was from Praetori
  3. I would be pretty impressed if you could get a pocket D farm consistently to do that every time you want to level a praetorian. (without using an alternate account. ) As for the radio mishs, instantly would be a lot quicker and easier than a few hours grinding mishs.
  4. I would like to see a shortcut added to Praetoria if you've completed the story line. I've thought of a couple of ways it could be implemented. For example, If you have the Tempered Through Fire badge on any character (and maybe get a praetorian character to 50), you can create a new praetorian character and: 1) go directly to AP/Mercy at level one OR 2) Instantly leveled to 20 to get the "leave Praetoria" quest immediately Because if you have a character concept that would be great for a Praetorian, it really sucks having to solo all the way through hundreds of ghoul amb
  5. First a simple request: Tyrant's Star as a chest detail option. More far out there requests are more non-humanoid headshapes like the devouring earth: And the 'wood' parts to the devouring earth avatar? The light blue 'pustules' from the underground trial as some options would be great too Stone armor's Granite customization to include the Igneous's Magmite Lord and Slag Golem Non in game stuff that I would love to see included but don't expect it are more robes type clothes, but I understand the clipping issues involved.
  6. Thank you! Made for a Golden Age costume contest. The main bit of the costume was made by me, but I had a little help from the good folks on the #Costume-discussion channel on the discord to get the colors down right. Particularly with the Boot flaps and Cape.
  7. Which is why I had this as the very first ability in the set: As for the random chance, the set would be based in resistance rather than defense so you wouldn't be as concerned about whether they hit you or not. As long as you're pumping out the damage, you can out heal whatever you get hit with. So the regen without def is not a too far off comparison. But with this you are intentionally losing health to increase damage to increase regen.
  8. Hah, I did make an SR tanker to have some minor semblance of this kind of danger. Doesn't quite scratch that itch.
  9. Something I love from other games are HP sacrifice builds. Or in other words, builds that grant bonuses for having lower hp. Blasters used to operate this way where they would get a scaled damage percentage the lower their health were. But that was changed in 2007 to what we currently have now. ( https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Defiance ) So why not bring back some element of old defiance back and even extend it to melee? Below is just a rough template what that might look like. As written, this set is an armor set for Scrappers, Brutes, and (maybe) Tanks.
  10. A combo! 1) Ascended Skull (Necro/Dark MM) Once a simple skull gang member, now ascended after finding a fang of the defeated Mott. He used the fang as a tattoo needle and imbued himself with a small portion of Mott's power. 2)Descended Hellion (Demon/Thermal MM) A hellion that played it too fast and loose, and lost his soul.
  11. This would be such a nice QoL change to MMs! Its horrible to fly across a zone and land to attack a mob only to realize that your pets have aggroed 2 mobs already. Or when you are flying to a mission door all your pets have died in transit. Thank you.
  12. lol check out the leadership stacks on the pets in the first picture
  13. Here is my Water/Weather Water Corruptor: Coralax Priest
  14. My new Psi/Dark Brute: Blackmind! [name pending...]
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