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  1. They are banned cause tar patch is broken! It is unresistable
  2. Its very buggy you can use it to skip certain things!
  3. Task Force Olympics Event #3 Event Date - Saturday June 27th @ 9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific Task Force Order -Blind Starting Place - Unknown Ending Place - Unknown Task Forces Will be announced 30 minutes before start time! Server - Excelsior RULES FOR THE EVENT -Temp Powers Turned off (Ones that dont turn off are allowed) -No Inspirations -Mission need to be set at +0 X1 -Long Range Teleport Pool Power also WS will be banned -Base Teleporter is Allowed -No archetype switching is allowed -Only one AT of each type (example Scrapper,Blaster,Corr is ok but Blaster,Blaster,Corr is not allowed ) -Incarnates allowed -Dark Affinity and Dark Miasma will continue to be Banned -Team of 3 ( I know some people wont like the but will go back to larger teams after) -Animation Canceling will be allowed ( My reasoning behind this even sense i can see what yall are doing its too hard to spot the canceling a lot of the times due to people playing on lower graphics and such so i am going to give everyone the info on how to do it and its your own choice if you use it or not /em liedown and /em shocked you can bind this to any key and basically what it does is cancel the root of your attacks and makes things a tad bit quicker I also will be putting this up to a straw poll vote but it will be the week before just try it and if people dont like it i will ban it ) Once you have decided on your team Send me your team name and your Globals! Prize Money 1st Place - 500 million to each Player and Bragging Rights 2nd Place - 250 million to each Player 3rd Place - 150 million to each Player I would love to make this Prize Pool Larger if anyone would like to Donate message me @Peanut Thank you Again Everyone! Just a little side note so everyone knows! I have been working hard to get GM;s to notice what we are doing here and i have messaged a few personally and i would really like to get them involved in helping with prizes and maybe TITLES for the winners of the events. Word of mouth is key here so if you talk about the event more the word will spread! Discord Link : https://discord.gg/DXN3Kum
  4. Thank you everyone that attended the event it was a blast! We had a total of nine teams of six for a total of 54 players competing in this event! The Prize money was 350 million to each person in first place 250 to each person in second place and 150 million to each person in third! I will be posting this friday about event #3 and am looking forward to more people joining. If anyone would like to contact me my in game global is @Peanut Also i am funding most of the event solo and i have had some people make some very generous donations. if anyone would like to help it would be amazing thank you to everyone! Link for the Discord https://discord.gg/DXN3Kum The Second Annual Task Force Olympic Results! Order of the TFs were Lady Grey, Mort Kal, and Dr.Khan Accumulative wins! 1st Place - Fake Gamers @Bloodom Blaster @DarkBladed Scrapper @Grimjack Defender @Firyos Corrupter @Prec Blaster @Konreed Corrupter LGFT - 10:19 Mort - 6:31 Khan - 7:17 TT - 24:07 2nd Place - Team Neverlasting @Elmyder - Blaster @Faultline - Blaster @BlackHearted - Corruptor @Rebel - Corruptor @Veracor - Dominator @RavenMagus - Defender LGTF - 10:09 Mort - 6:52 Khan - 8:07 TT - 25:08 3rd Place - Speed Monkeys Speed Monkeys @Techno - Domi @Philtrum - Scrapper @Tony Stank - Blaster @Xemnas - Blaster @Tux - Corr @Princeys - Corr Lady Grey - 11:21 Mort - 7:26 Khan - 9:02 TT - 27:49
  5. Prize Pool has been announced! 1st Place 300 mill to each team member 2nd Place 200 mill to each team member 3rd Place 100 mill to each team member If anyone would like to contribute contact me @Peanut in game!
  6. Alright Ladies and Gentlemen the announcement for the next TFO! Task Force order 1. Lady Grey Task Force 2. Mortimer Kal 3. Dr Kahn Date - Saturday May the 30th Time - 9 pm eastern time / 6pm Pacific Server - Indomitable Starting Place - RWZ Ending Place - Founders Falls Rules for the event - Temporary Powers Will Be Turned off -No Inspirations - Missions need to be set at +0 x1 -Long Range Teleport Pool Power will be banned -Base Teleporter will be allowed -Teams will be set no Archtype switching allowed -Limit of 2 archetypes per team -Incarnates Allowed -TEAMS OF 6 PRIZE MONEY WILL BE ANNOUNCED A COUPLE DAYS BEFORE! IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO DONATE CONTACT ME @BIGPEANUT Link to Discord https://discord.gg/cCxqmE3
  7. Alright Ladies and Gentlemen! The Moment Everyone has Been Waiting For! I have reviewed and overlooked everything! I Have your official winners! I would like congradulate everyone for competing in a tough event like this! Just a little something before i announce. I really want to say thank you to everyone that was involved in helping me with this event. To all the team captains that helped pitch in ideas and helped me keep things clear here on the discord. I have been wanting to do something like this for a real long time and finally i was able to do it! The best part of City of Heroes is not just the game it self but its this FUCKEN COMMUNITY that keeps this game running and makes me proud to call this one of my all time fav games ever! But im done talking now time to get to the good stuff! For those that dont know what this was it was a 5 man Speed TF triathlon! Accumulative time wins and winners received 500 mill infamy and title on discord! 2nd got 300 mill and 3rd got 200 mill! Had a total of 9 teams that entered it was fun and exciting! Your TASK FORCE OLYMPIAN WINNERS ARE: 1st Place - TEAM USA @Grimjack (Blaster) @Bloodom (Blaster) @DarkBladed (Scrapper) @Elmyder (Corrupter) @Faultline (Corrupter) LRSF - 10:27 ITF - 8:17 MLTF-12:53 TT -31:37 2nd Place - 4-thots and sloth @Firyos (Corrupter) @anelec (Corrupter) @Sloth (Blaster) @Alouu (Scrapper) @whoogie (Scrapper) LRSF - 10:28 ITF - 9:16 MLTF-13:38 TT -33:22 3rd Place - Speed Monkeys @Techno (Blaster) @Tux (Corruptor) @Philtrum (Scrapper) @Princey (Corruptor) @Xemnas (Corruptor) LRSF - 14:03 ITF - 9:57 MLTF-16:29 TT - 40:19 Special Shout out! ❤️ @Rezzpls @smallz @Rowdy @SoMEonE Nice @Firyos @Exit @murkd @MidnightMoonzies @MidgetTosser @StrangeBird There will be more events in the Future stay tuned! Have any questions message me @BigPeanut Also join the discord https://discord.gg/DXN3Kum
  8. First of All I want to say thank you to everyone that has joined the discord server! It means a lot to me that people have shown interest in this event! Below I will be going over the rules and event info! Date - Saturday May the 9th Time - 9 pm eastern time / 6pm Pacific Server - Indomitable Starting Place - Grandville by Recluse Ending Place - Independence Port by Ms. Liberty Task Force Being Run in Order! -Lord Recluse -Imperious Task Force -Ms. Liberty Rules for the event - Temporary Powers Will Be Turned off - Missions need to be set at +1 x8 -Long Range Teleport Pool Power will be banned -Base Teleporter will be allowed -Teams will be set, no Archetype switching allowed -Incarnates Allowed -TEAMS OF 5 Before the Start of each TF I will have a referee be part of each team to make sure that temp powers have been turned off! You may start as soon as you talk to the contact the referee will leave on their own. Once you have finished the TF you will need to take a screenshot either in game or with OBS and send it to my personal discord immediately. You may continue going as soon as you send me the screen shot so momentum isn't ruined! You will go to the next TF site and do the first part over again with the referee on the team. I will have people assigned to the starting zone for the TFs and they will be the referees. All Tfs do not have to start at the same time. Once all the TFs have been finished i will take all your teams times add them together and that will determine the winner of the event! Teams need to send me their final roster with Globals and Character Archetypes by Friday May the 8th! Also team name! PRIZE MONEY 1st Place Team - 400 million to each Player and of course Bragging Rights! 2nd Place Team - 200 million to each Player 3rd Place Team - 100 million to each Player Also if you cannot find a team i have an LFG channel in the Discord! For anyone that doesn't want to compete you are more than welcome to hang out in The Agora part of the discord and hang out in the Grandville until we start and then Independence Port where we will end. Also if anyone is interested in helping be a referee for the event just send me a private message on discord and we will talk! I will tally all the times as fast as I can to get the results out quick to the winners of the first ever Task Force Olympics! Winning Team will aslo get a title in the Discord! Special Shout out! 🙂 ❤️ @Rezzpls @Smallz @Rowdy @SoMEonE Nice @Firyos @Exit @Murkd @MidnightMoonzies @MidgetTosser Let's make this event fun and awesome for everyone! Please be goodsports! If this goes well i will be hosting more events like this with different tfs and incarnate trials! If you need to contact me you can through discord or in game @BigPeanut Link to the discord https://discord.gg/cCxqmE3
  9. Cause its an idea also taking other peoples input. Out of the 50 something emails i got in game saying this is a great idea and saying glad your not rushing it and posting some BS. But next time i will make sure not to post on 5 boards that im trying to have an event. That would be os much fun for the community with big prizes and something that is PvE! My apologies!
  10. Its ok im trying to figure it out just to make sure its legit and everything i will be testing levels out tomorrow to find a good spot!
  11. Just trying to get people to join thats all! Doing something for the community thats fun didnt realize it was a burden!
  12. TASK FORCE OLYMPICS! Hello Everyone! My name is Peanut and i love PvE. I think its time that we do a little event to see who is the fastest on the homecoming servers. I have all the info on my discord but i will post here also and a link to my discord! Also you can message me in game @BigPeanut Task Force Olympics will consist of three task forces of teams of five With the goal being to get the fastest accumulative time The Following will be the task forces we will be doing in the following order: 1 - Lord Recluse Strike Force 2 - Imperious Task Force 3 - Ms. Liberty Task Force Prize Pool 1st place - 200 million to each person on team and of course bragging rights 2nd place - 100 million to each person on team 3rd place - 50 million to each person on team Rules are being worked on and confirmation time rules are being worked! This is also being personally funded by me and some friends if anyone would like to DONATE that would be extremely helpful! The more influence we get the bigger the prize pool goes up and more interest in the event! Anybody that is interested can send me a message of your team and there globals You can message me @BigPeanut or my discord Big$pit#3650 ONCE WE GET ENOUGH INTEREST I WILL POST DATE, TIME AND SERVER Link to the Discord https://discord.gg/tfrHNaE
  13. New Link that doesnt end! https://discord.gg/tfrHNaE
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