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  1. That worked. I will just have to redo the settings, no biggie. Thanks. I was just really missing the inspirations timers the most.
  2. My Hero stats works using beta, but somehow it got borked, as it will not let me change my hero options. It keeps erring out with this error Can you help with this? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that did not fix it. It still collects data, but it will not show all that I want. Just the basic.
  3. Now I am having the same issue with Free Ohanko and remove evidence, which is in the same story arc. Both missions are given by Seer Marino on the redside
  4. The mish has enter a building, then there are different doors to go in from there. The only problem is none of the doors work and the directions take you back outside. When you go back outside, it wants you to go back in side. GM_Fiddleback is aware of the issue as there was another player doing a TF that had the same issue.
  5. Thank you for bringing this back. I havent played with HeroStats since I first started to play CoH way back right around when COV first came out. Then i got a new computer and just never downloaded it after that. I like how it can tell me how long it will be until I level up. Also how long the inspirations are going to last. Play the game in window view is actually a good thing for me. It was not much difference. Again thank you.
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