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  1. Haven't had any desire for PVP since I left Ultima Online for EverQuest 21 years ago. There's probably nothing.
  2. To each their own, but these are definite wins for CO, imo. And honestly, these facets of CoH are every bit as clichéd as CO. There's very little depth to the Praetoria stuff, and it's what we've all seen a hundred times.
  3. The majority of my favourite superheroes have tended to be "no capes." Storm and Banshee had them, but the rest of the X-Men? Nah. IMO, they only work on certain types of characters, mostly fliers, and my characters tend not to fly. On live, I went through the mission, but only one or two characters ever had capes. It fit my Dark/Dark Scrapper. It didn't fit my Wonder Woman-style Inv/Strength. For colours, I tend to stick close to the basic 6, plus black; very, very rarely white. Most of my characters don't have blond hair, but a few do. Some are in spandex, some aren't. It all depends on the concept, and the concepts are all over the map. I tend to associate spandex with a Silver/Bronze Age feel. Golden Age used more "real" fabrics. Dark/Modern uses a lot more street attire. Also more modern costumes seem more intricate with details than past eras. Whenever the character seems to fit best is what I go with. Practically none of my characters use hats, because I don't like how CoH does hats. About 90% of my characters are female, even though I'm not. I have exactly 2 huge characters (out of the dozens I've made).
  4. Dacy's guide does this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gY-ZbW3aO6A
  5. Selecting the item from the room list doesn't really help if you can't do anything with the selection (except delete it).
  6. The Tech Medical category is for the "functional" items like res chambers.
  7. I find that I get too many monster heads, demons, and animals, and those just tend not to suit my playstyle. But it occasionally works out when combining pieces.
  8. He's about as relevant to the game and stories as that statue in Atlas Park. I don't need to see him past that.
  9. I wouldn't have thought they were crazy. I would have thought AWESOME! Heck, in 2005, I was still playing Atari 2600 emulators and stuff. And hey, EverQuest is still around like the "old" days, too.
  10. I've always wanted hats to be more of a layer, like Chest Detail, that fits atop any head so I can keep my Apocalyptic dreads/braids.
  11. My characters are in real time, regardless of what anyone else says.
  12. In D&D, there were the Xag-ya/Xeg-yi tentacled postive/negative dimensional creatures.
  13. Does Ms. Liberty even have a statue?
  14. They're not perfect, but Bitters used stone stairs for her Japanese Garden here: https://www.cohtitan.com/forum/index.php?topic=13061.40 This was back in ParagonChat, but we have more options here. Maybe lots of the Roman tiled roofs in different angles.
  15. In ParagonChat, I once customized a female PC with that... um... appendage. It was quite naughty looking.
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