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  1. Hi folks, I know there's been a ton of illusion talk lately on these boards, but I was hoping to get some eyes on my (pretty sure crappy) attempt at an Illusion/Poison build. A few things to start: I know with Illusion it's all about getting PA permanent, and I BARELY got that with incarnates, so I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I would also like to get my defense values higher, especially melee, to take advantage of poison trap and venomous gas; however, I know that might be hard with the set bonuses available to this character, plus with high enough
  2. I mentioned Fiery Aura as one that would work conceptually with a character themed after fireworks, but I'm not convinced it can give me the survivability I want, between its lack of mitigation (besides murder) and heavy reliance on healing flames. But I'm looking into it -- what powers are skippable other than RotP? I already have a psy/rad scrapper, and though I love the feel of /rad, I haven't felt like she's that survivable. Do I need to be slotting her for more HP to feel the survivability? I was hoping that the inverse would also be true -- just like a scrap
  3. Hi folks, Lately I've been inspired to remake my first main/50 from live, and I'm looking for feedback on what AT would be the best fit for her. Originally, she was an Energy Blast/Fire Manipulation blaster, in the times before KB->KD, meaning she was truly one of the most unsynergetic combos available in CoX. I know a bit more about the game now, and there are both new and improved powersets available now that still fit her general theme, so it feels like a good time to reroll her. Conceptually, I imagine her as what it would be like if a woman with powers like Jub
  4. Hi folks, I'm currently working on a katana/energy aura scrapper and was hoping someone would offer thoughts on my build. I'm not the best with theorycrafting and even then, I'm better at it with trollers and defenders, so hopefully someone could point out what I'm doing wrong or could be doing better. My aims for the build, some caveats, and some questions: I'm going for speed (in "feel" more than actual mob-burning rate) and efficiency (in terms of endurance). I know there are better sets for speed in a number of senses (savage, claws, StJ), but Katana is fast
  5. Are there announced changes, or just the general idea that EM is getting looked at in the nearish future?
  6. I have not, only because I'm very new to the server and didn't yet know what channels were the appropriate place to do that. I'll ask around next time I'm in game. And thank you! I can always find some other group to join if there isn't one already. Or perhaps find people willing to co-start one themed around such ideas.
  7. Hi folks, I'm recently returned to CoH and now that I have a couple incarnates and have my sea legs with the game again, I'm looking to get back into some RP. I just moved the character I'm focused on to Everlasting to get involved, but it's hard to know where to start! I've looked through the resources I could find on existing SGs, both here and on the Discord, but I haven't found one that's quite what I'm looking for. I have my own idea for a sort of halfway-house SG for young metahumans with a delinquent or criminal past, but given my greenness with RP and unpredicta
  8. Thanks to all three of you for your input. I've been playing around with StJ and Psy to see which I'd rather go with. I had a pretty great looking Psy/Shield build going but then Mids decided to crash, so I'll take a look at that again in a bit. How do people decide this shit man. If there was just Shield Melee, I'd be set, that's my concept. Choosing whether StJ, Psy, Elec, or EM best suit the concept and set me up for the most enjoyable experience, it all feels like a crapshoot at this point.
  9. I've been looking through some of your builds (very helpful by the way, thank you), and I'm curious what your thoughts on taunt are. I thought it was common sentiment that tankers should take it, and I imagine there's also a contingent of players who don't think it's a requirement. Given that I've noticed you skipping it on some of these builds, what do you think of it? Is it unnecessary for most tanks to keep aggro? Are shield tanks still able to serve the invulnerable aggro-holding role without it?
  10. Damn thanks for all the feedback y'all. I guess I'll look at subbing Elec in for EM, and weigh StJ's better ST potential versus Elec's better AoE potential (and feeling of magical empowerment, which I worry StJ lacks). I'm also looking at Psy -- I'm not crazy about repeating powersets (I only have ~12ish characters I play right now, why repeat when there's still so much to try), and my scrapper will ALWAYS outdamage Psy on a potential tanker, but I am intrigued by the idea that it can do some crazy ST ala EM and it does look pretty great with the shield. I'll follow up once I have
  11. Thanks so much for the quick reply! I'm kind of ok with getting a slow, heavy-hitter feeling melee character. Right now my others are a psy/rad scrapper, an elec/rad tanker, a spines/bio brute, and a staff/fire brute. All of them have pretty good AoE, but aside from the psy scrapper (and only when up against a non resistant enemy), I'm missing the one-or-two-hit experience of a strong meleer. So that, to me, was the appeal of EM, plus having a non-smashing damage type. But! I understand that really good ST damage isn't necessarily enough to overcome other limitations, that was kind
  12. Hi folks, I have a pretty straightforward question for y'all. I have a new concept for a character (young delinquent in the Warriors comes across a magical ancient shield, etc.), and was wondering what people's thoughts are on my best potential secondary. Right now I'm leaning EM or StJ -- I know StJ is in general considered pretty great but I'm not sure if tankers are the best class for it, and EM I know can do crazy ST damage, but otherwise I'm not familiar about its drawbacks (other than the corresponding weak AoE, somewhat alleviated by shield charge) or how people feel about i
  13. So like several people in this thread have said, I got a concept for a poison character stuck in my head, and even though I'd read all the ways in which poison is just subpar/outmatched, I had to roll it. I've been having a terrible streak the past week or two where all the character concepts I come up with just don't result in a build that works to my or anyone else's satisfaction (looking at you, psychic blast, mind control, pain dom), so I needed to just try this one. I've been interested in Beam Rifle for a while, its -regen seemed like it would help patch up one of poison's holes, and it
  14. Hi folks, I'd wanted Psionic Melee in CoH forever, so when I came back for Homecoming and here it was, I had to give it a chance, even though I'd heard the various concerns about it. Right now, this character is ... fine. A little squishy, but on a team she can pseudo tank and hold aggro pretty well thanks to Radiation Therapy and Particle Shielding. Psy melee is noticeably more fun now that I have GPB, but I'm withholding judgment on the whole until I have Mass Levitate picked and slotted. For concept, she's a cold, chemically-enhanced enforcer of Mother Mayhem's, allo
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