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  1. Anyone know what specials like "Frost Bite", "Frosty Aegis", etc actually do? Thanks!
  2. We have very different experiences, then. My Fire Sent isn't too far behind either my Water/Rad Corrupter or Ice/Time Blaster. But the kicker is that both of them are more survivable than the Sent. If I got him up to 45% def, his damage would fall even farther behind. There are always exceptions for each toon, but I've never found pylon testing to compare very well to actual performance.
  3. I think this comes back to the level of investment different people make. Straight out of the box, Sents are great. But they gain much less from high end investment. My Blasters and Corrupters are virtually equal in survival to my Sent, yet do significantly more damage. I have a Tank who does comparable AoE (SD/Elec), and is of course much tougher.
  4. Sentinels right now are the training wheels class. Super easy to play right out of the box, with minimal high end ability. With incarnates and I/O's almost every other class can be considerably more effective than Sents. Part of that might be the inherent, but it's also true that the ATO is bad. Likewise, the Epics are bottom tier. Fix those 3 things and Sents will be more interesting at 50+.
  5. Thanks for doing this. Why slot Expedient Reinforcements with recharge in the Dire Wolf?
  6. I'm sure there is info on how enhancements and bonuses interact with pets, but I can't find it. Feels like something that should be pinned for MMs. Incarnate info as well. 😞
  7. So much silliness here. Just play with people you have fun with, and don't play with those who aren't fun. Why are we talking about reporting people for playstyles? Silly. Too much blowing mobs apart and I'm probably leaving that team sooner rather than later. I've even bought people KB to KD procs that they couldn't afford or didn't know existed. No big deal either way. BAF isn't that long. If the OP won't turn off group fly and my toon is floating all over the place, I'll just block him and make sure I don't end up teaming with him again. The game is big enough for both of us.
  8. Is there a description anywhere for what things like Frost Bite and Frosty Aegis actually do? Thanks!
  9. It comes with the Winter Pack. I'm not sure which char to claim it with.
  10. Doesn't anyone know what this does? Can't find anything online for it. Thanks!
  11. That was it, I'm stupid, the sky is not falling. 🤥
  12. That was it, I'm stupid, the sky is not falling. 🤥
  13. I just claimed 18 purples from the AH, and they do not show up in my inventory. I logged off and back on, still no joy. You really can't check the records and see that I'm missing them? 400 mill is a lot of influence, that really sucks.
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