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  1. Hi Homecoming servers! I was just wondering if there was a new updated version of the hero designer for the new changes that have been implemented recently in issue 27 'second chances'. If anyone know where I can find this new version of the hero designer can you please point me to where it can be found. If not and you are capable of making an updated version please, please, please can you make one I'd really appreciate it. I'd like to be able to see how I should build my EM scrapper and rebuild my TW scrapper. Would appreciate answers. Peace!
  2. Thankyou knighthawk for you input. I did end up changing the tough set to Aegis instead of Unbreakable guard like you suggested and it did make the build better. It has been a while since I made this build I decided to try and make Psionic less of a weakness. Some small sacrifices had to be made but I think they are definitely worth it. It does annoy me though to see S/L res 89.8% instead of the perfect 90%. I know it makes no noticeable difference but it still bugs me! Anyway here is the new build I made, if anyone can better this I would love to see your work! Brute - Super Strength - Invu
  3. Hi fellas. I thought the build done by Lockpick was good but I wanted to make a few changes. This build might not be for you as I removed/added some things that I preferred. Thankyou so much Lockpick for posting your build (I didn't know about Scorpion shield, which was a game changer for this build) it really helped. (I have also included the accolades Freedom Phalanx Reserve, Portal Jockey, Task Force Commander and the Atlas Medallion.) If someone can make improvements to this please do and share the build :). GALACMERC.mxd
  4. Hi saw this build and and thought it looked good, I'm sure there is plenty of room for improvement here, but here's my version. Would love it if someone made this better :) Captain Brutehellocoh.mxd
  5. Hi guys. I built an ss/elec brute and decided to use mids/pines after I had leveled him to 50. I might have made a mistake because I wanted to make a tanker like brute but the toxic and def is probably too low. Was wondering if any of you could make this build more survivable. Would be interested to see what you come up with. (This isn't a common build right?) Brute - Super Strength- Electric Armor.mxd
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