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  1. I DO like the Nemesis system though. I used to suggest something similar in CoH. Heroes could go to a police station to see "Paragon's Most Wanted". Villains would go to "Rouge Island Bounties" And there, using Mechanics similar to AE they could craft a Nemesis. The Nemesis could then show up Randomly in Radio/Newspaper and Bank Missions.
  2. Awesome. I was involved with this for a while already. I am now HC_Vis_Viva and on the team. It's a way to make a difference as a mele character even though I'm staying 6' away from everyone.
  3. I thought I'd go through and compile a list of all my characters on Excelsior. Proud to say, ALL of them have biographies written. Most are "inspired" by DC comics heroes. I think all the heroes, vigilantes, and rouges are in my SG (Paragon Broadcasting Company). My Excelsior Charters (so far) Let's see your lists everybody!
  4. I posted some pictures here: Some old-ish pictures. I've updated a bunch of stuff since the pictures in the link. In the North-East corner (accessible through Residence 1), I've added an armory, and a shuttle launch area (with a control room). I've also added more detail around Residence 1 and around the pool, and another section to the arcane library and a 4th teleporter. Also the Laundromat is slightly larger (and added a few windows and doors near there). Oh, and I added a Statesman statue in the Park. Anyway, it's on Excelsior. It's mostly Heroic, but there are some Villain zones for Rogues and Vigilantes. The name is "Paragon Broadcasting Company". It started as a radio station front for a supergroup but is now is out in the open as a supergroup. There are still offices for the Radio Station though. There is also a temporary Refugee Center (Hall 1) currently set up for refugees from Galaxy City. The sky is set to "Atlas Park". And the pass-code is: PBC-2019
  5. So as for the rest... At the entrance you find this strange blue box, which seems to really help with efficient teleportation. It's not always around, but when it is our teleporters work MUCH better. To the west is the office. The name of the Supergroup is Paragon Broadcasting Company. I won't go into the history, but we STARTED as a broadcast company. Now we've moved more into the "wold saving" business. In the back of the offices (behind the force field) are the generator and mainframe (we'll get to that later). South of the office are the labs. This is where are medical facilities (for the superheroes) and science labs are. We also have a Quartermaster, trainer, tailor, workbenches, and storage racks there. East of the labs are teleporter pads 1-3 giving access to 30 zones. There's room to add a couple more if I find the need. The teleporters can also be reached by heading south from the entrance. This is handy. It's a quick shot from either the entrance, or medical teleporters to the zone telporters. South of the Teleporters is the meeting room. Eagle-eyed people might see the hidden "bar" among the banners. Meetings can be tough. Scotch helps. East of the Meeting room is the major residence areas. These are a few living quarters for superheroes who want to (or need to) live in the base. There are six 1-bed apartments here. They do have sink, but the bathroom/showers are communal. There was nobody in the bathroom when I took these pictures. There are lockers in the bathroom/shower. There is also a communal kitchen and eating area. As a side note, these apartments DO have a capacity to build a 2nd floor. I thought about making his "outdoor" and putting brick exteriors on them, but I did want to make this more "dorm" like. And this way, the dining area didn't need to be put under it's own roof. I might add a 2nd floor to the apartments, and even connect them. Maybe I could put some more communal stuff up there if I do (another laundry or lounge). Back through the meeting room and continue west to go the the second residence section. In there is a laundry (note the steam coming from the dyers) and a 2nd communal shower/bath area. This one has a fountain because why not. There is also apartment #7 here. To the west of this are two more apartments in small rooms. Just North of the the 2nd shower/bath and apartment 7, is a slightly larger kitchen and eat-in area. West of that is the motor pool. There is an open air section for our flying vehicles, and an area for our sub, with access to the local aquafer underneath it. The major vehicle entrance (or the "driveway" as I call it) is just the the west. We do store some junk in there we're about to send out for scrap. North of the motor pool is the SG recreation area. There's a pool, a gym, and a game area with video games, pool tables, snacks and a bar. West of the rec-center is the arcane library. Our facility is mostly science/tech, but we had to have a room for our more magically inclined friends. I'm told the wards and crystals are needed to keep some of the more "cursed" volumes in check. North of the rec center is the open air park. This is my favorite place. It's dog-friendly as you might guess by the friendly furry companions hanging out there unsupervised (so watch where you step). We keep our satellite uplink in the woods in the back. Going back East, you again see the red force fields behind which are the base generator and mainframe with a well-tooled tech staff there 24 hours a day. And east of that room is the refugee center (which I posted about earlier) with temporary housing, medical and food for survivors of Galaxy City (those pictures above). So as mentioned I have room for more TP pads, a 2nd floor in the apartment areas, and the WHOLE northeast sector is empty.
  6. So I'll start with the part of my base that is both the "sloppiest" part and the part I'm most proud of. Lots of people have a multipurpose "hall" in their base they can set up for parties or special events. I decided, a Superhero base would be a bit less likely to have a party hall, and more likely to have something for emergencies. So I made a large room into a refugee center, complete with temporary food, temporary housing and a civilian medical center (no med TP though, that's in another section, for the Superheroes). There's even a small recreation area. The first shot is a map of the whole base. The second shot is outside the base with the refugee center in the front. Right now it's set up for survivors of Galaxy City, since that WOULD be the most likely crisis to still be dealing with in Paragon City. Notice the banner in the back. I'll post the REST of the base in reply to this post. but I did want to start this.
  7. It might be on my end, or it might have started working again on it's own (as it has before). Short description: I might have a bad memory slot Long description: I've had on again/off again issues with RAM on this PC. I upgraded from 8GB (4x2) to 16GB (8x2) almost as soon as I got it (actually I think as soon as I got it). Ran into a lot of memory management errors and BSOD. Ran an extended diagnostic on it, and there was a problem. I Brought back the RAM (they also ran and extended diagnostic) and sure enough, it was bad. Got a replacement set (same brand). And all SEEMED good. The problems resurfaced though eventually. I went BACK to the original RAM and again I thought I had it licked. I ran CoH with BOTH sets of RAM by the way (not the bad set I returned, but the original out-of-the-box and the final replacement) and had problems with both. On a whim, I put in one of the 8GB sticks, and left the 2nd slot empty. It seems to work now. So maybe the problem is the 2nd slot.
  8. Nope. Does not work for me. I was full screen to begin with. I tried playing with the graphics (turning them down even though that should NOT be necessary for the machine I'm running). I had luck once or twice when I'd go from full screen TO windows, and minimize my window when loading. But even that wasn't consistently reproducible (just worked a couple of times). I re-downloaded everything from scratch, set "cityofheroes.exe" to run in Win7 compatibility mode (w/ run as admin). I've played with graphics resolution a bunch and lower resolutions MIGHT work a bit better, but are NOT reproducible (works a few times to load, but not every time, and the same for zoning). I can keep playing with graphics settings and work-arounds, but I think there is something else wrong that can be exacerbated or partially alleviated by some graphics settings.
  9. So is there a thread here or on Discord for any updates on this as it occurs (already sent pcap file to Cipher in Discord)? Happy to be patient, just want to stay up on this.
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