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  1. Popping in for a random suggestions. In Guild Wars 2, some enemies have mechanics where they need to be CC'd in order to take more damage/interrupt an attack/etc. These enemies have a separate 'energy bar' which CC attacks deplete from. Once it's emptied, it slowly recovers during which you can focus fire on the enemy. Maybe a similar mechanic? Like, some end-game enemies can only be hurt when CC'd?
  2. I was doing some testing of Savage Assault's Unkindness power since the description says it does increased damage per stack of Blood Frenzy. The results....were unexpected. I've attached a picture of the numbers I found per tick and it seems each stack DOES increase damage (despite popular belief) but only by 1.4% per stack capping at 7%. Maybe this is WAI but it seems like an odd (literally) number. Is this correct or is there some sort of typo behind the scenes which is causing it to scale so little?
  3. I recall hearing that the vanguard shield isn't visible during savage melee animations. Don't know how true that is though.
  4. Yes. One of many hypocrisies of heroes. #Arachnos
  5. Hey all. You have me inspiration for a seer/Hami costume, now I ask for your help once more. This time, all I have is a name....Hypebeast. Powerset is likely savage/energy. I have faith in all of you. :3
  6. That is the BEST djinn costume I have seen! I'm going to find a LOT of 'inspiration' from it. Nice job! @Raught19
  7. I would love this. Especially with the Talons of Vengeance's really cool explode-y earth ability! A stacking buff would be cool for a ranged set. Like savage melee but, instead of recharge/end reduction, maybe with a stacking absorb? Or res/def buff? Combined with some spenders for increased damage or CC magnitude.
  8. A few more costumes I'm proud of: Frost Flower (Plant/Ice Dom) Magnette (My constantly changing AT and Powerset. Right now it's an elec/kin corruptor but it may become a SD/Kin Tanker or Kin/SD Stalker! Who knows!) Prime8 (My Gorilla Arachnos Soldier)
  9. @Regloh is Pyrock a play on words for Pyrrhic? If so, very clever.
  10. So after taking everyone's costume recommendations into consideration, I combined several elements and found a cool use for the Praetoria Police chest piece: &
  11. Hey all you costume fashionistas, I come seeking your aid. I have one costume I've been struggling with for my resistance mind/earth dom. The idea is that they are a former seer who was infected by hamidon. Now they're basically a devouring earth creature but have retained their humanity. By touching Hamidon's mind they also were freed from the SEER network. So I want to merge the wild look of a Devouring Earth but retain elements of their former SEER self. They can be Male, female or huge, I just want a nice balance between those elements. Thanks on advance everyone.
  12. Wanted to show off a wee bit some of my favorite costumes: Atomic Ape (Rad/SS tank) Seer Exe (Fortunata) Fireward (Water/En Sent....though thinking of remaking this guy into some other water blast AT) Motherlode (Earth/Martial Dom) Hungerstone (Mind/Earth Dom...particularly proud of this one. Hard to get a good DE look) Mandrake (Nat/Sonic Defender....may change this one up too)
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