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  1. Hey all. You have me inspiration for a seer/Hami costume, now I ask for your help once more. This time, all I have is a name....Hypebeast. Powerset is likely savage/energy. I have faith in all of you. :3
  2. That is the BEST djinn costume I have seen! I'm going to find a LOT of 'inspiration' from it. Nice job! @Raught19
  3. I would love this. Especially with the Talons of Vengeance's really cool explode-y earth ability! A stacking buff would be cool for a ranged set. Like savage melee but, instead of recharge/end reduction, maybe with a stacking absorb? Or res/def buff? Combined with some spenders for increased damage or CC magnitude.
  4. A few more costumes I'm proud of: Frost Flower (Plant/Ice Dom) Magnette (My constantly changing AT and Powerset. Right now it's an elec/kin corruptor but it may become a SD/Kin Tanker or Kin/SD Stalker! Who knows!) Prime8 (My Gorilla Arachnos Soldier)
  5. @Regloh is Pyrock a play on words for Pyrrhic? If so, very clever.
  6. So after taking everyone's costume recommendations into consideration, I combined several elements and found a cool use for the Praetoria Police chest piece: &
  7. Hey all you costume fashionistas, I come seeking your aid. I have one costume I've been struggling with for my resistance mind/earth dom. The idea is that they are a former seer who was infected by hamidon. Now they're basically a devouring earth creature but have retained their humanity. By touching Hamidon's mind they also were freed from the SEER network. So I want to merge the wild look of a Devouring Earth but retain elements of their former SEER self. They can be Male, female or huge, I just want a nice balance between those elements. Thanks on advance everyone.
  8. Wanted to show off a wee bit some of my favorite costumes: Atomic Ape (Rad/SS tank) Seer Exe (Fortunata) Fireward (Water/En Sent....though thinking of remaking this guy into some other water blast AT) Motherlode (Earth/Martial Dom) Hungerstone (Mind/Earth Dom...particularly proud of this one. Hard to get a good DE look) Mandrake (Nat/Sonic Defender....may change this one up too)
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