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  1. Hello While playing as a team with ATs who often do knockback I had several requests from players who insist that I lose a slot to put an io knockback in knockdown because knockback irritates the players However I find it unfair that a character uses a useful slot and lose damage or precision only to meter an IO knockback in knockdown especially if we have to meter it on each power that makes knockback Suddenly watching the lvl 50 very few players play this kind of line because for them it is useless to mount a character if it is to lose a slot by powers and suddenly nerf his character to play as a team in all case I see it like this My suggestion is as follows Why not allow to put a single one IO which transforms all the powers of the character from knockback into knockdown which can be put on all attack powers like brawl which is useless (so that we do not lose slot unnecessarily) or simply an option or a temporary power that we buy which transforms all knockbacks into knockdowns that can be activated and deactivated depending on the player (like a jetpack you can activate or deactivate it by clicking on it)
  2. on could say the same chose with the ice affinity the 1st time that I saw this line I imagined someone who throws ice cubes at the mouth of the players lol I should have simply call this line crystal affinity but I support the devs to create a support line in relation to the earth
  3. when you look at the support lines you see that there is a line of fire an electric line a dark line an ice, radioactive, dark line ... in short the players specialize in an element to protect their team and when you think of protection and earth ... there is not much and that's where I came up with the idea of crystals by destroying a crystal of devouring earth nothing prevents to use its imagination to vary the powers and to create a line of support
  4. I tried to make a line of invocation without being too powerful; there are quite a few heals so I just wanted to diversify by showing that one line can be played differently from the others and Bronzitis contains a regen and a rez of the beginning which can compensate and also when with the amplification which gives a second effect to the crystals it takes time to charge it also avoids the abuses do not forget that the crystals can be destroyed by the enemies therefore the effects of the crystal can be interrupted at any time without counting that it is an invocation of zone which does not move then the player will have to constantly recreate crystals as the players advance therefore I do not Didn't really think about endurance consumption or the time to summon before disappearing because the fact that the crystals are fixed and that the player must constantly summon new ones while advancing compensates except pyrite being an ultimate power which can temporarily replace a tank will take time to recharge I hope this line will see the light of day if this line sees is create it would go super well with earth control
  5. Hello everybody and sorry for my english i'm french I already want to congratulate the creators of the electric affinity support line I love playing the support lines because they are all varied and we all have different ways of being played depending on their power And on this I thought about a support line that would stand out by remembering the devoring earth that invoke crystals and that would allow support to be played differently It would be called "Crystal affinity" or "lithotherapy" of your choice Description: -The player extracts various crystals from the ground to boost their team but all the crystals can very easily be destroyed by enemies (except big resistance to AOE if not the line would be useless) But in addition to this thanks to the lithotherapy power the player can extract from the ground a larger crystal whose effects will have an additional bonus depending on the crystal invoked 1, Bronzitis: Bronzitis has the property of regeneration it can resuscitate Summon AOE Zone Resurrection + Regeneration Effect The player invokes bronzitis this has the effect of resuscitating around for 20 seconds continuously however the resuscitating players will only have 1 life point and 1 stamina point if they die they can get as much resurrection as long as the crystal is not destroy + lithotherapy bonus: they can prevent all enemies in the crystal area from resurrecting as long as the crystal is active + prevents the regeneration of enemies 2, lithotherapy Special (only on summons) very long recharge This power once triggered will simply last 10 seconds the time to summon a crystal of your choice the crystal will be much larger and it will get a lithotherapy bonus depending on the crystal chosen In short, a power that engages as an amplification of blasters but specialized only for crystals 3, Jasper: Jasper has Strength properties Summon AOE resistance effect everything except fire and ice The player summons a Jasper which increases the resistance of the allies + lithotherapy bonus: all enemies in the area have reduced resistance 4, Carnelian: Carnelian has the effect of increasing courage Summon AOE effect + damage + accuracy The player summons carnelian which increases the damage of allies + lithotherapy bonus: all enemies in the area have reduced damage and reduced accuracy 5, Amber: amber has energy-purifying properties Special Summon AOE + effect The player invokes the amber which increases the special of the whole team around + lithotherapy bonus: all enemies in the area will have the reduced special 6, Fluorite: fluorite helps liveliness Summon AOE effect + recharge + sleep resistance + stun resistance + lithotherapy bonus: all enemies in the area will have a drop in recharge of powers 7, Beryl: beryl has a detachment effect Invoke AOE Allied Phase Shift Effect All allies in the area will be out of phase as long as they are near the crystal only the crystal will not be out of phase + lithotherapy bonus: all enemies in the area will be out of phase 8, Chrysocolle: Chrysocolle has the effect of balancing emotions Summon AOE Effect Terror Barrier Effect + lithotherapy bonus: all enemies in the area can suffer a hindrance and terror 9, Pyrite: pyrite attenuates the ego Summon AOE effect taunt enemies Summons a pyrite which has the effect of taunt the enemies around the Pyrite is strong enough to take a moment the blows of the enemies + lithotherapy bonus: when the pyrite is destroyed all the damage it will have received will be launched in AOE zone the type of damage will be according to the damage collected
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