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  1. Anybody else on a Mac have Island Rum try to update yesterday and get stuck under "Scanning…" after it downloads the ZIP? I've already rebooted once. I tried just re-installing Island Rum, but that got me a "CoH.app" that launches as "Wineskin.app" and leaves me stuck with no idea what to do; doesn't seem to follow Dredd's instructions. 😱
  2. Except in some cases, I want both Beast Run and Ninja run separate on the same alt. I have a cat alt who uses Beast Run as a travel power, idle animation, etc., and combines Ninja Run + Dual Blades for some great synergistic animations during combat. Also, someone mentioned making it so Sprint can't be combined with NR/BR and...please no. I combine Sprint + NR/BR for more speed while traveling. On animal alts I often never get a "real" travel power and rely on Sprint + BR.
  3. Yeah I figured Delvkai, and was afraid it might be a custom texture. More just wanted to provide of an example of what I was aiming for. I've been in awe of the cleverness of some base designers using existing pieces for unexpected purposes, so figured I could ask. 😀
  4. This area in Atlas Park, just off the SG base beam-in is more what I was hoping for...
  5. This one has been driving me to distraction lately. I am building an outdoor base with a huge forest. I have specific paths I want to make through the trees. The ground is a grass plate, but looking for some way to show a worn path through the trees. I don't want rock slabs or signs of human habitation; the base theme is nature-only. So think a worn footpath through the forest, or a deer trail, etc. Any pieces, tintables, upside-down, etc. that can give a facsimile of this kind of look? Also open to alternative ideas of making a path like this "obvious" yet not immersion-breaking.
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