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  1. Thanks for such a detailed answer. The first part of your answer left me with another question: How do the various stalker primaries rank in terms of damage?
  2. What's the most best secondary for Ninja Blade (and why)? (My initial budget will be 150-200 mil)
  3. Are they still a thing?
  4. 2 questions What's the channel name again? I looked above, but I didn't see it. Alao, I don't have the badge. Is that absolutely necessary?
  5. So then, taking the above into account, the toon I'm looking for is a Rad/Staff tank. Now I've just got to come up with a concept Thanks all
  6. I forgot I out it there too. Lol. Thanks!
  7. Can you circumvent the soft cap by combining the +def of FF with the -To Hit of Dark Blast?
  8. I've never ran a tank, so I'm looking at doing so. Damage is really not a concern as I really want to be a true tank with two priorities: survivability and aggro management. I was thinking War Mace could be good (all the knockdown going toward mitigation), but I'm open to ideas. I really have no good ideas on the primary except to say I really can't deal with the aesthetics of ice or stone.
  9. From what I understand, defenders can easily soft cap Def. Is it possible for corruptors to do the same without it being a major pain?
  10. 11Troy11


    I appreciate the feedback above. I am curious though about other pairings as well
  11. That's a great question! What is the discord info?
  12. You could always help someone with a project
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