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  1. Judging from my playerslot.txt, they renamed "Reunion (EU)" to just "Reunion", and that caused the order to reset.
  2. Some people have already started writing about Homecoming toons on Ouro. It doesn't make any technical difference as long as the new servers have distinct names.
  3. It was merged into the standard section not long before the shutdown.
  4. I don't get them automatically, either. I think they're restricted to Find Contact nowadays.
  5. No, the other languages were dropped shortly before the original shutdown.
  6. Yes, I remember that bug, it has been around since perhaps 2011. I encountered and reported it twice back then, and the devs "fixed" it for only those specific missions, by forcing you to defeat the enemies in question in a specific outdoors zone.
  7. Mission Architect is the name of the feature, and Architect Entertainment is the name of the in-universe company behind it.
  8. The Detectives have bars. Also, starting with Talos, you have to do five radios instead of three.
  9. When doing a Loyalist mission, try calling your superior in the Resistance, and vice versa. Sometimes they will instruct you on how to exploit the situation.
  10. Are you sure you aren't confusing it with Patriot? Freedom is above the building.
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