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  1. Dencrom

    Staff / what?

    Interesting on both fronts. Stupid defense and lots of End options is always nice so NGR does sound sexy. But dam you make INV sound good too. I'll have to give it some thought. Got 3 other alts to hit 50 with anyway. This is going to be the next one I make. Thanks for the responses. And like I said it will be a bit so If other people have thoughts please share.
  2. Dencrom

    Staff / what?

    I want to try some power sets I've never used and am looking for suggestions of a good secondary for staff that is NOT one of the following: Bio Fire Ice Radiation Regen Shield Super Reflex Willpower So unless I'm forgetting something what is left is: Dark Electric Energy Invulnerability Ninjitsu Of those, is there one people would suggest to pair with Staff?
  3. I'd like to see the Mayhem Missions available as flashbacks. As it stands you really need to plan things carefully out to get the Invader Badge. And If you forgot about it (like I did until it was far too late) you are basically SOL. (Yes I know you can switch to blue and get TF commander and then swap back. But that is stupid thematically.)
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