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  1. Thanks @Koopak, I must admit that I only skimmed the OP too and moved on to the comments too quickly. I only dabbled with Masterminds on Retail (the classic Bots/Traps) and the only MM I've played on Homecoming beyond the early teens has been a Thugs/Kin. I wasn't very happy with her planned build (I wanted to try out the double Fulcrum Shifted Gangwar trick with Burnout) and realized I would have to heavily tailor my playstyle around the shortcomings of Kinetics as an MM secondary, so she got shelved indefinitely. Because what I was really looking for was an MM that could fulfill both the Support and the Tank role, a Tankermind. Rereading your post got me thinking. In addition to providing (de)buffs with your secondary, a Tankermind needs to be built for sufficient Defense and/or Resistance, but to make life easier you really want to have mez protection as well. You can get mez protection from Dispersion Bubble in /FF (but besides its defense shields /FF is rather limited), or from FFG in /Traps (but while this powerset has incredible debuffs, it lacks the buffs you want). Another option is Faraday Cage in the Electrical Affinity secondary, and this powerset does provide plenty of buffs. I think Demon Summoning probably has the best synergy here because the pets' shield can stack with your own resistances. From my experience with Bots/Traps, Tankerminding practically requires Provoke from the Presence pool, and every MM should take Maneuvers and Tactics from the Leadership pool (and possibly Assault) by default. The Fighting pool could be useful to hit some caps, but comes at the expense of three power picks. Depends on the build I guess. I would have to load up Mids' (I'm on my phone) because I'm not familiar with MM numbers anymore, but if you opt for Demons/EA there's a good chance you can hardcap some resistance types, most likely S/L with the Fighting pool. Either Scorpion Shield (Mace Mastery) or Frozen Armor (Chill Mastery) could then softcap S/L defense. Scorpion Shield additionally provides Energy defense as well, and from the same epic pool there's Power Boost which temporarily boosts your powers' secondary effects (like Defense and endurance drain), and Web Envelope should keep drained mobs from running away, so those sound quite useful to me.
  2. Some observations: The Numina unique is a proc120, it will only work for 2 minutes after you've used Soul Transfer. The PrevMed proc doesn't have that problem, so I would rather put that in there. Your global recharge is 110% including Hasten. The FF proc doesn't stack ingame, but it does in Mids', so that's how you got 310%. Dark Regen costs 24.52 endurance and only has a 62.5% chance to hit +3s (without Follow Up and the Gauss or Siphon Insight procs active). That's both expensive as well as too unreliable. Similarly, Cloak of Fear only has a base 41.87% chance to hit +3s (and 59% with two stacks of Follow Up) and quite frankly it's hard to justify the endurance cost of this power if it misses half the time . Your build depends too much on having your +ToHit procs active, but they simply won't trigger that often. Cloak of Darkness and Combat Jumping are IMHO overslotted just for the set bonuses without much benefit to the powers themselves. Those ReacDefs add less than half a percent extra defense, six LotGs add less than a quarter percent compared to just three LotGs. Again, it's just my opinion, but I think that's a wasteful use of slots especially if you're not hardcapping any resistances with them. You could slot the ReacDef scaling resist proc anywhere of course, but if it's the set bonus you want maybe consider two-slotting a Prestige travel power with Celerity IOs instead, like you did with Sprint. Having just three ST attacks may be a bit awkward. You would have to use AoEs in your ST rotation to prevent significant gaps in your attack chain, but your blue bar will suffer for it. I haven't made a Claws/Dark on Homecoming, but this is probably what I would do:
  3. Oldskool already replied to your original request: ... and put in quite some effort to give you good advice. Surely you've been working on your build before asking on the forum, so perhaps if you just share what you already have we can help you finetune and minmax the living hell out of it.
  4. I played a Claws/Dark on Retail, never hit 50 on this particular combo though and only got a few IO's in before sunset, but I have a little experience with both powersets on several melee characters. Dark Armor is a toggle-heavy set, but the endurance cost of each individual toggle is actually slightly lower compared to those of other armor sets. The main culprit of DA's endurance woes is often Dark Regen. Getting the Theft of Essence proc, then frankenslotting for endurance first, accuracy second, and recharge/healing a distant third will make a huge difference. I'm on my phone so I can't load up Mids (I'll take a look when I get home), but I've noticed you only have three ST attacks which suggests to me you're using AoE's in your ST rotation. That might be another reason why your blue bar is suffering.
  5. Thanks! I'd been putting off incarnating my farmer until I had finished his PvE build, but now I'm happily farming at +4.
  6. A bit late to the party, but may I suggest a Dark/Energy Dominator? Haunts and the puppy tinted green might work for you as GL constructs. My own Dark/Sav has more of a horror theme (and uses poison green to make it look like ectoplasm from Ghostbusters) and I'm quite pleased with the result. Perhaps you can make it work for a cosmic theme as well. Not to mention Power Boost is very beneficial to your primary.
  7. Frozen Armor for its defense (2-3 LotGs) and slotting the three uniques. I suspect you already have five LotG+Rech (in CJ, Maneuvers, Veng, Stealth and Invis), so I would then drop Invis too and get Hoarfrost. You could also get Super Speed instead of SJ, with a stealth proc in Sprint for full invisibility, which allows you to drop Stealth for Hover as a LotG mule, and give you vertical movement.
  8. At 1 PPM it should have a 16.7% chance to fire once every 10 seconds, i.e. you'll be under its effects 8.3% of the time (5 seconds per minute, on average). I'm not a proc guru though, so feel free to correct me if 'm wrong.
  9. Steel

    Sentinel build

    I got stuck in the character creator trying to make Fallout Shelter work with the costume design, so I haven't rerolled him yet. Did make a build for him, but I'm still not too happy about it. I think I should start a new thread for Water/Rad, but I'm on my phone right now and won't be near my computer anytime soon. Will @ you, I'm very interested in what you did with your build because it seems to be a very slot-hungry combo. Edit: nope, can't make Fallout Shelter work with my concept until we get a NoFX option for it.
  10. Steel

    Sentinel build

    I've had a great name, costume and concept for my Water/Rad Corruptor for well over a year, but the combo never clicked with me. He's been semi-retired since his late teens and I just couldn't figure out what to do with him. Rerolling tonight as a Water/Rad/Psi per your suggestion. It seems to be the perfect fit for the character, so thank you for the inspiration!
  11. Steel

    Sentinel build

    Elec/EA is a pretty good allrounder and can be made into a decent sapper with or without the Elec epic pool. Water/SR may be one of the safest combos (plenty of knockdown mitigation, easy to softcap and sufficient DDR), and has good AoE. Dark/Rad offers great layered protection by combining one of the best resistance-based armor sets with ToHit debuffs in its primary (e.g. Dark's T9 Blackstar applies a huge ToHit debuff for 20 seconds).
  12. It does help, it tells me not to use it immediately when I run to the next group with full HP and half a blue bar, but rather the other way around. Thanks!
  13. It's a good thing they'll change the PPM mechanics in Page 6 before revamping Sentinels. On the other hand I'm also a bit sad that Sentinels will likely take a big hit in performance as a direct result, at least until Page 7 or later. But it's the right move.
  14. I'd love to have my Sentinels do more AoE, but if they get 1) better AoE than Scrappers, and 2) slightly lesser ST capabilities than Scrappers, at the expense of 3) worse-than-Stalker survivability, then I think it may prove difficult to balance that. As for 1), if a revamped Sentinel could typically clear +Nx8 maps faster than a Scrapper, I don't think I'd really have any problems with that in principle (as long as they won't overshadow Blaster dps). For me it would definitely increase the fun factor. But as you said, Scrappers can dish out some very nice AoE. And I see no reason why another damage AT shouldn't get an even higher AoE damage output if that's its intended design goal. But we should at least acknowledge that Scrapper AoE is already so good that Elec/SD Scrappers were some of the premier S/L farmers more than a decade ago. Better AoE than that may be pretty OP. Which brings me to 2), lesser ST damage than a Scrapper... I think the way procs work right now might be the elephant in the room here, but we've been able to abuse the hell out of them in the ST attacks from the epics. I'm not really a numbers guy, but I suspect when Sentinel damage is buffed to less-than-Scrapper levels, procced out epic powers could actually give them the edge. Not to mention Opportunity benefits not just you but the whole team, so you bring more to the table. As for 3), as long as incoming ranged attacks inflict less damage than melee (which is pretty much baked into the combat mechanics), staying at range is the smart thing to do if all of your own attacks are ranged themselves. I hear Sentinels will likely lose their range penalty, and good riddance, but I sincerely hope their decreased survivability won't mean that players feel forced to hoverblast. This post is getting way longer than I intended, but I suppose I needed to get this off my chest. Honestly I don't think it's a good idea to give a ranged AT with defensive secondaries so much AoE potential. It puts it firmly in tankmage territory. I mean don't get me wrong, I like playing OP characters, and the case could be made that game balance went out the window anyway when we got Incarnates, or maybe even before, but I like having a semblance of balance. I guess I'm a just a bit worried. I hadn't read Captain Powerhouse's statements until you linked to them. I had hoped to get a completely reworked inherent with much better ST damage and only slightly increased AoE, more like a ranged Stalker than a Scrapper. But... in Cap we trust. Sorry for the rant but it's been a crazy week 🙂
  15. With the Reactive Defenses unique you would have capped F/C resistance at 14% health, without it at 6%. Or at least that's my understanding of scaling resists.
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