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  1. You may want to consider Energy Aura if you prefer defense over resistance-based armors. It's not that hard to softcap S/L/F/C/E defense and unlike ElA you'll have kb protection while hoverblasting. Power Drain is similar enough to Power Sink too if you want to go the sapper route (PD saps 33% in a 12ft radius, PS saps 40% in a 10ft radius).
  2. IMHO, Incarnates broke the game. I would have preferred it if the original devs had limited the use of Incarnate powers to Incarnate content, with just the alpha slot (and level shift) available for regular level 50 content. But it's too late for that now.
  3. According to this post from Bopper, the FF proc can queue up when there's already an instance of the buff running, but appears to do so only once. It doesn't stack in the sense that it would double the buff (i.e. +200% recharge), rather it doubles the duration, but with the caveat mentioned above
  4. It has a chance to proc on each target, thus granting the recharge buff, but the buff itself doesn't stack.
  5. Always slot an FF proc in Footstomp, it almost always triggers in large spawns and I can't think of a build that doesn't benefit from that. I'd take it over the FotG -res proc every time because while the FotG might trigger on 2-3 mobs and effectively increases your DPS against those mobs affected by the debuff, the FF proc increases the attack rate of all your attacks. Especially in large spawns it's not unusual to have an almost constant uptime on its recharge buff, which enables you to use something like two extra Footstomps per minute (in addition to any other attacks).
  6. My new StJ/Inv Stalker is currently my first priority, got a good concept and costume for this character and it looks like Invulnerability should be extremely tough on a Stalker. I rolled a Demons/EA Mastermind a few week ago in response to a post on this forum. I've been looking for a team-support Tankermind for a while now (haven't rolled an MM and levelled it beyond the teens since Retail Live) and I think this is The One. I'm not sure whether I should PL her to level 22, which I normally do (I hit AE after Hollows and KR), because I really should relearn playing Masterminds.
  7. Steel

    Brute Help!!!

    It's in the patch notes for March 30 2009, so during Issue 13 (and just a few days before Architect hit the servers, so I guess that may have diverted some attention from this update).
  8. Dark/Rad/Psi is the Sentinel you want. Rad Armor's strong resistances synergize well with the ToHit debuffs from the primary. Blackstar with one +5'ed ToHit Debuff SO debuffs by -45% in a 25ft radius for 20 seconds, and will be up every 25-27 seconds on a perma Hasten build. Umbral Torrent is pretty nasty with damage procs and takes the kb2kd and FF proc. Many proc options throughout the build. Single target damage? Check (with Psi epic). AoE damage? Check. Survivable? Absolutely.
  9. Thanks @Koopak, I must admit that I only skimmed the OP too and moved on to the comments too quickly. I only dabbled with Masterminds on Retail (the classic Bots/Traps) and the only MM I've played on Homecoming beyond the early teens has been a Thugs/Kin. I wasn't very happy with her planned build (I wanted to try out the double Fulcrum Shifted Gangwar trick with Burnout) and realized I would have to heavily tailor my playstyle around the shortcomings of Kinetics as an MM secondary, so she got shelved indefinitely. Because what I was really looking for was an MM that could fulfi
  10. Some observations: The Numina unique is a proc120, it will only work for 2 minutes after you've used Soul Transfer. The PrevMed proc doesn't have that problem, so I would rather put that in there. Your global recharge is 110% including Hasten. The FF proc doesn't stack ingame, but it does in Mids', so that's how you got 310%. Dark Regen costs 24.52 endurance and only has a 62.5% chance to hit +3s (without Follow Up and the Gauss or Siphon Insight procs active). That's both expensive as well as too unreliable. Similarly, Cloak of Fear only has a base 41.87% c
  11. Oldskool already replied to your original request: ... and put in quite some effort to give you good advice. Surely you've been working on your build before asking on the forum, so perhaps if you just share what you already have we can help you finetune and minmax the living hell out of it.
  12. I played a Claws/Dark on Retail, never hit 50 on this particular combo though and only got a few IO's in before sunset, but I have a little experience with both powersets on several melee characters. Dark Armor is a toggle-heavy set, but the endurance cost of each individual toggle is actually slightly lower compared to those of other armor sets. The main culprit of DA's endurance woes is often Dark Regen. Getting the Theft of Essence proc, then frankenslotting for endurance first, accuracy second, and recharge/healing a distant third will make a huge difference. I'm o
  13. Thanks! I'd been putting off incarnating my farmer until I had finished his PvE build, but now I'm happily farming at +4.
  14. A bit late to the party, but may I suggest a Dark/Energy Dominator? Haunts and the puppy tinted green might work for you as GL constructs. My own Dark/Sav has more of a horror theme (and uses poison green to make it look like ectoplasm from Ghostbusters) and I'm quite pleased with the result. Perhaps you can make it work for a cosmic theme as well. Not to mention Power Boost is very beneficial to your primary.
  15. Frozen Armor for its defense (2-3 LotGs) and slotting the three uniques. I suspect you already have five LotG+Rech (in CJ, Maneuvers, Veng, Stealth and Invis), so I would then drop Invis too and get Hoarfrost. You could also get Super Speed instead of SJ, with a stealth proc in Sprint for full invisibility, which allows you to drop Stealth for Hover as a LotG mule, and give you vertical movement.
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