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  1. ^ This. And make a bind to target OSA as well. I had a 50 Ill/TA/Fire with Perma PA on Retail Live and it works quite well. While TA may not be the best secondary pick for Illusion, Illusion is probably the best primary for TA.
  2. I would have them keep their mediocre AoE damage, but retool the Opportunity inherent's mechanic to more often/reliably apply the debuff in order to effectively give them almost Blaster-like ST damage. Stalkers have their controlled crits, let Sentinels have something similar with controlled Opportunities. We like to call Sents 'ranged Scrappers', but I'd rather see them as ranged Stalkers without Hide. I don't think I would change their damage multiplier right away, but perhaps after a balance pass. Changing the inherent takes priority imho. Right now it's an unfun mess and I hate how I have to use my T1/T2 to trigger two different kinds of Opportunity. And I hate how it can miss. Either give us two Domination-style buttons for autohit Offensive- and Defensive Opportunity, or combine them into one effect and trigger it with either the T1 or T2 (or a single Dom-button).
  3. It's probably also the best power in the game to run alongside Whirlwind with Kb2KD IO, making everything flipflop in Melee. The Dark secondary can easily softcap Ranged defense and Mu Epic can hardcap S/L/E resistance. Fire/Dark/Mu is extremely safe and quite powerful. [code]| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1590;728;1456;HEX;| |78DA65945B4F134114C7677BB1B414B9142CA554DA52047B595A3531F1C5285512A| |1DAC4674356D8E246E8D66D49E4D1448C067CD167AF0F2A9AF825FC18FA2072D584| |8BFA6CEAE99E7FDB4DBA81FC66FE732E7366CE34773FEBFD3CF9E0A290BA2616947| |27966422F560C7D6141359C39655E9B15F4B565757DB1A019AA8B26434D8BBAB17C| |95D6EA938865FDF252A1206715E36E51A5D0970A05ADA855968537AF93D34DDD985| |58D650F4F4AAA3AD7690EA755654E35CA77B492B73E2F69C5F9C09592362B67F545| |ADA854746326B7349353CA158AD04FBB1AA7FF8792C057758A17848C43D85E82AF9| |88ED7E01BE6B1B7CCEF7E8BEF964D8810AD6D33DB76C05DA62756F37137B8427925| |F84AEFEC663CEF7BF003F3F83AF891D9F589F9881CEDF0B5F73B4CAD27C8EC1D044| |3CC1321CE57E7B311219CF075266DA64DBF0C8E3307D2608639B8C2DCA07A5DEC2B| |5C093E834DD2DCD0DC09CEF184F6D70EAD7D80B51F64D721B1D6715E9881B648EB6| |4CDD979C0B50D1E324F4E817D12F39F30CF31EC974C0E937F37E790BABFF2FEC2DF| |98DB14D7C7716D3EF8872F70CE08F898E43EE4EEFBC97714D9070F98C325AE71F81| |E586646C9DFCFBE921F35C7C055D203A83DB0C977B043FB094A2E3357708AF713CB| |81D799A76E8079305C8BE71231720BA19610E28DE23E46239C738DD68770A743875| |83B629EFE0DFE012798F10D3EDF5542D4ECC4AA3DBA6633E3C59F82CF9949D4B647| |758C20CFC8269F51127D9F44DFA7D0F729F47D6A8FB94679C6B80EFB589C6B1C4F8| |02950667653CD09D826D01719F445E62F887BF591AD8CBE92D7B9B65DAF1069DC41| |FA0CFACAD178ABF4475F6D537882D56ADCBAEAE628E9168F4C8B72B64539D7A24CB| |7287947E3ED0BC954DC5D8D175DDDF7D02A2A9252DC71874D4D92AED160947E0DF6| |ED66871C58EDC7D8FEC86A1FE6DBEB01F39E9ACAB96E59C68A657CDB325EF7911BF| |616E8A531F4497F53FF156BEA5FA24DDD61B1F90F672D099F| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|[/code]
  4. I had a perma PA Ill/TA/Fire on Retail Life, and it was one of my favourite Controllers. The key is playing completely at range. Teams often don't know what TA brings to the table (not many have tried it out because most think the set is crap), but its debuffs are excellent. Especially useful when a team is already softcapped, it can really help steamrolling content.
  5. Thank you for this wonderful idea! I've started a Rad/Elec Brute today with the intent to run Whirlwind alongside Lightning Field and IG, and hopefully Energize and Power Sink will prove adequate to counter the endurance drain. Still only level 8, will take Whirlwind at 24, and I'm a looong way from Power Sink, but the build looks promising. I'll post an update when I have him slotted with some IO's, probably early forties when I have a better feel for how it plays.
  6. Steel

    WM/FA/Mu as a farmer?

    I was afraid that might be the case. Guess I'll just PL my Rad/FA then. Thanks for your response.
  7. Hello everyone, Longtime player, first time poster here. I know Rad/FA and Spines/FA are the top picks for farming. but I'm looking for forumites' opinions on how War Mace would do in a farming environment. I'm not necessarily looking to make the best farmer out there (that would be Rad/FA, or so I hear), but before I'm gonna PL this character to 50 and spend a billion inf on IO's I'd like to know whether it's 'more-than-adequate' rather than mediocre. The problem is my main experience with War Mace was a level 40-ish WM/WP Brute on Retail Live that I deleted at some point. I have a WM/Rad Brute on Homecoming, but also altitis, so he's stuck at 22 for now. So I have no idea how War Mace plays at 50. Looking at Mids my concerns are mainly animation times length and the size of the AoE's, but WM has three of them, and both Shatter and Crowd Control take FF procs. So my question is, how would WM/FA/Mu compare to the top powerset combos for fire farming? At about 90% efficiency? Or much less? Theorycrafted build: [code]| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1612;719;1438;HEX;| |78DA7D945B4F534110C7777B115A2850DB72BF963B85430B48BCC4101531284D484| |C343131F5800B1CAD85B405419F7CF0DD6B7CF102511F78F1496EEA07F11BA828EA| |BBC13AE7CC9FB64913376D7EBBFFD9D9999DD936BA3C5AFAEEDCBD11214BCEC4F55| |42A763AB99856CEA83E6B4C0B1AC5517D5ACD184955440BBF658C45555C29EDB29E| |8C99C66A1647D58C4AA4943666A8E44AECD46252F78E27E6545225D2DAC1C43D393| |F1FD72E2E2875BDD49A4E287DC148CC7AACC598313B97A695D75A8D27968C943165| |C48DF44AE0EC8231AD21F822454DA529483565344CDF90141819A798B3091171089| |B01DE603A6E8271E6A15BCC0D91F5B589B064DB20B37888B9495629F97CF987FD8A| |F799EEBF6086592AEC4CAFC3E21679D9919BFD2BDB2ABE81BBCCC3DFC11F4CFF1EB| |38F623AD9573AD7F97C7F4858D4C85684738B1E70ACCA87E02366F563F009B3F629| |739BBC5C7C1FE1AAA249834304E9B012D6648915C3256AC14AB27960F304B826F5F| |BC2F2DB2194B3CD568EFAD5A37E8DA89F297B91ABF739E7D0F8027CC96C7E05AE82| |6BCC0FE4E513D2F2F5A1B72DE86D0B7ADB82DEB6A2B7ADE8ADA4BC031C570432348| |49D942A2855035CE5081D5E83EC6A96B8BAADB7996DCBE01DF02EB3E33E47F848CB| |3ABC8CBAA3AC751C038F333B4F8027C1118EEBA05C1A50B9860AAE54B71F4495070| |84DC8AD6995FDBAD7983DAFC137E05B662F72FB445E41BC9E203AD90B5EA3ADED38| |B77D80F7F70E32FB86C023E030B3FF0B9FAF13BAE0DBF59EBBD4BF016E32235BE03| |6B8C3F4D09D43A87F08772C234D83A6412B272D0C2D7CF0E21CD95F2A7DCC6EF614| |28E1022552A00C16284305CA98A9C82BA6929928B04E9222A1484B7155647FE5993| |D77F6DF42C83E7E2FBF729A94E769D249F7BEC4F7FA99BFBF8BF7FFCEDFDFCC5A19| |38E936558E75356F3E9537D7F3E6D6A8F10BEBA19BC2671FCD91EC335F4E5F0FE6F| |4FF8FDDB69CD785BC13FE01165C2600| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|[/code]
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