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  1. Look up a few posts. There are some new textures for I27 base beacons similar, not exact, format as 12thPowers prior textures.
  2. Just a note about CoH Modder and the new Homecoming launcher. I changed over to the HC Launcher and wanted to redirect CoH Modder to its home directory C:\Games\Homecoming\. When I did that Coh Modder gave an error that it could not find the CoH executable. I presume thats a safety check of CoH Modder to verify its pointed at a valid directory. But, when using the HC Launcher, the executables are in different folders. So what I did was create a dummy text file in the C:\Games\Homecoming\ folder and just renamed it to CityofHeroes.exe. That seemed to satisfy CoH Modder. But, thats a pretty ugly workaround. Is there a more appropriate way to do this?
  3. Went ahead and took a shot at doing this on my own. Wasn't sure where best to make this available to others. So posted here and in CoH Modder topic.
  4. Created texture files for the new I27 Base Teleporters with name labels. Basically an extension of 12thPowers pack listed above. Also created a 'Base Teleporter Beacon Labels - Addendum for Issue 27' mod for CoH Modder. Here is a zip file for those who prefer a more hands-on approach. Just extract to data folder within your main City of Heros folder (or Homecoming if you are using the new launcher). It should add 7 new Arcane and 7 new Tech textures to the same folders as the prior Base Teleporter textures. texture_library.zip
  5. Any kind knowledgeable soul working on adding labels for the new I27 base teleporter beacons?
  6. I copied and pasted your bind lines in above and they seemed to work as you expect. I wonder if your bindloadfile command actually worked. Did you type a '/' in front of the command? Like '/bindloadfile....'. Its required if you just type directly in to the chat, but not if you load the command from a file. If it did load properly, then you should have gotten a confirmation in the chat dialogue. Something like Keybinds file loaded: D:\Gaming\cohbinds\costumes.txt
  7. Megajoules comment regarding the beauty of Paragon City sparked a thought. A few months back, I rolled a new toon and was so excited to try its new powers I kept skipping the regular travel powers. I was just using sprint, ninja run, and the P2W jump booster. As I leveled, I was expecting to reach a point were I regretted not taking the regular travel powers. But.... it never happened. I went all the way to 50 with none of the regular travel powers. What I thought was a potential mistake, turned out to be a new experience. I found it much more immersive as I leveled and ran around through the zones at ground level. I never realized how much detail you miss when you super speed/jump/fly/teleport around. I mean the amount of detail and creativity in these zones is just amazing. Now I'm not throwing stones. Most of the time I still take travel powers and yes I use the various teleport options. And the truth all of this feedback suggests is that we all like different things and even the things we like change can change too. So to think there is one perfect solution for everybody isn't practical. What is practical is recognizing different people like different things and providing a reasonably balanced approach to offering options for all of us to get what we each individually want. Talk about a tough nut to crack... wow... almost a no win situation. But, as I have read through all of the feedback during beta and live, it is clear to me that the Homecoming team is sincerely trying to find that balance, provide those options.... crack that nut. They have invested a huge amount of effort and demonstrated an enormous amount of patience and consideration. I don't necessarily agree with all the changes, but I respect their effort and trust that they really are trying to serve the CoX community.
  8. Try this: 1 "emote none$$cc 0$$pow_exec_slot 1$$bind_load_file_silent "D:\Gaming\City of Heroes\Binds and Macros\costume1.txt"" It actually has 2 sets of quotes - 1 to consolidate the file path in to a single argument and 1 to consolidate the entire line into a single bind for the '1' key. I had a similar issue and this worked for me, so hoping it fixes you up too.
  9. I really like this. Nice work guys! Is this version of the mnu file available somewhere, or coming with page 2? Also, for the summon portal powers would it be possible to incorporate the option to automatically check for and use an existing base portal if within range rather than unnecessarily wasting your own power to summon a redundant portal. Basically do a /efbp for any other portal in the vicinity before executing your own power. Similar to what I did in my custom FastTravel.mnu above, but 'bake that in' to the powers themselves. Or maybe add that to standard FastTravel.mnu for page 2. That would pretty much eliminate any cooldown/charge limit concern for teams. One person drops a portal and everyone automatically shares it for free rather than accidently creating a redundant portal and wasting their own cooldown/charge. A team of 8 sharing 1 or 2 portal summons each would provide more portals than they could ever realistically use. Even each person having just the P2W portal summon power would effectively reduce the cool down to 10 min / 8 = 1.2 min for a full team. Or if you think in terms of the Day Job portal summons, it would effectively increases the number of charges available by x8. And that doesn't even consider each individuals LRTP or Base Transporter powers. I don't think a team could realistically use them that fast and the whole cooldown/charge limit concern becomes mute. The key is making it happen automatically so there is less focus on each individuals limited cooldowns/charges, and more focus on the benefit of effectively unlimited cooldown/charges available to the team. Doesn't do anything for soloing, but then soloing is typically slower and the individuals cooldowns/charges are already adequate. Anyway, just a suggestion. 🙂
  10. FYI - Here is a customized version of the FastTravel popmenu that you can modify to use any SG Base you want as your travel hub just setting your $Battlecry (menu shortcut \D) to the SG Bases passcode. To boot it will also use any existing portals in the area first to eliminate unnecessary cooldown and charge usage of your own powers. Just drop it in data\texts\English\menus, restart CoX and it will replace the default FastTravel popmenu. FastTravel.mnu
  11. Thanks Bopper. That looks like historical info. Is that still mostly accurate today? If not, do you know if there is a similar current reference?
  12. FYI - Couple Tips/Tricks from Beta Testing to Help with Transition to New Base Portal/Teleport Powers. Basics for getting LRTP locations on a new toon: Advanced Custom Keybinds and Fast Travel Menu to Help Avoid Unnecessary Cooldowns & Charge Usage on the New Base Portal/Teleport Powers:
  13. Ok I've spent quite a bit of time working with the new teleport powers and have developed a set of custom binds and modifications to the new Fast Travel menu that automatically optimizes power/charge usage. Its not for the faint of heart, or new players. But, I love CoHs key bind macro language and thought you might find it interesting too. At the very least it demonstrates the flexibility CoHs macro language can provide. Oh and I have actually implemented and tested all of these. They do work as described. Im not just hypothesizing. 🙂 So here you go... Example of Custom Key Binds and FastTravel Popmenu to Promote Portal Sharing and Optimize Teleport Powers Custom Key Bind Description: Creates 3 key binds F10 - Auction House (AH), F11 - Long Range Teleport, F12 - Base Teleport that will automatically promote sharing of portals and optimize use of teleport powers and charges. F10 eliminates need to travel to the Auction House by bring up the Auction House window in your current location without teleporting. F11 and F12 will automatically first try to teleport to your favorite base if an existing base portal is already available rather than use one of your teleport powers or its charges. If there is not an existing portal available, F11 will execute your LRTP power as usual and allow you to teleport to any destination you have unlocked. If there is not an existing portal available, F12 will cycle through P2W Supergroup Portal, P2W Base Transporter, DJ Rapid Response Portal, and DJ Monitor Duty Teleporter powers. It automatically cycles through with first preference to use P2W and portal creating powers, and second preference for Day Job and portal producing powers. By using this order of preference, it automatically promotes the use and creation of portals for you and everyone elses use while at the same time using DJ powers with limited charges only when other portals or portal powers aren't available. Basically if everyone in an area was using these binds, everyone would be taking turns with only one person at a time creating a portal with their P2W power, and everyone else would be using it for free without even thinking about it. Just press F12 and either you create a portal that you and everyone else who presses F12 after can use for free without using their own teleport powers or charges. Or if someone else presses F12 before you, you get free use of their portal without using your own teleport powers or charges. So with out any thought at all, just pressing F12 gets you and everybody in the area to their base in the most power/charge effective manner. Custom FastTravel Popmenu Description: Adds a new 'Use Existing Portal' option to use any existing base portal, and it modifies the existing LRTP, Base Teleport and Base Portal options to automatically first try to use an existing base portal rather than use your teleport powers and charges. If there isn't an existing base portal available, the regular Base Teleport or Base Portal power executes as usual. Again adding the option and automatic priority to to use existing base portals will help optimize use of your powers and charges. Special Note: These customizations as written redefine the F10 key and use the players $Battlecry text to identify the SG Passcode to use when teleporting to a base. Therefore the F10 key and $Battlecry variable will not be available for other purposes. This was done to make defining the SG Passcode easier for users. If you use the $Battlecry variable for other purposes and still want to use these customizations, you can replace the $Battlecry variable in the examples below with your desired SG Passcode. Setup Details:
  14. The Fast Travel menu seems pretty popular. Similar to the rotating binds I suggested previously, one way to help reduce concern about transport power cooldowns and limited charges would be to modify the FastTravel.mnu to append "$$enterbasefrompasscode [your fav base code]" to the end of the Command line for Base Transport, Super Group Portal, Monitor Duty Teleporter, and Rapid Response Portal (see example below). You could also do this with Long Range Teleporter if you wish. If you do, it will make use of any existing portal before using your own. It will completely preclude the use of your power and avoid unnecessary cooldowns and charge usage. Should work great on teams or in crowded areas. If any one person in the area creates a portal, everybody else can get a free ride to their favorite base. LockedOption { DisplayName "&Base Transporter" Command "powexecname Base Transporter$$enterbasefrompasscode HEAVEN-95" Icon "Veteran_TeleportBase" PowerReady "Prestige.Prestige_Travel.prestige_Base_Teleport" } LockedOption { DisplayName "&Supergroup Portal" Command "powexeclocation forward:7 Supergroup Portal$$enterbasefrompasscode HEAVEN-95" Icon "Prestige_BasePortal" PowerReady "Prestige.Prestige_Travel.prestige_Base_Portal" } LockedOption { DisplayName "Monitor &Duty Teleporter" Command "powexecname Monitor Duty Teleporter$$enterbasefrompasscode HEAVEN-95" Icon "DayJob_Teleport" PowerReady "Temporary_Powers.Day_Job_Powers.Rapid_Response_Member_Teleport" } LockedOption { DisplayName "&Rapid Response Portal" Command "powexeclocation forward:7 Rapid Response Portal$$enterbasefrompasscode HEAVEN-95" Icon "DayJob_BasePortal" PowerReady "Temporary_Powers.Day_Job_Powers.Rapid_Response_Member_Portal" }
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