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  1. This is some spectacular work Carni, really starting to show the areas of weakness and strength well and identify gaps .. this is going to be incredibly useful! 🎖️🎖️🎖️🎖️
  2. That's a lot of updates, thanks to all involved, great work!
  3. Finally managed to slide in a donation 🙂
  4. Yay Sparrow 🙂 hope to see you in game soon hun 🙂 I have started my alt itis already so have a few Psy-s running around blue side and some Psi-s in red .. getting into the mid 20s for mains now, seems a lot easier than it used to be. Maybe I just haven't got the tough stuff and the mid 30s grind going yet 😄
  5. Oh .... my ...... goodness..... I forgot so much.. Psy- here (always confused with the legend that was Psygon) Original Sheepies member from EU Beta, ICONite and brief ish Femme Fatales member, friend of Goonies clan & protector of Mazos and general costume wearer. Alt mad - Psy-Surfer, Psy-Kick, Psy-Chic, Psy-Chosis and many many others Only found out these wonderful people did this yesterday ...
  6. Thanks to all who made this happen, I just created my 1st character in 10 years and can't wait to get stuck in more, I was recently bemoaning all my lost CoH Screenshots of all my freinds from the old servers and thinking about how great the game was, did a quick search and woah! Late to the party this time after hitting the European beta last time around, best time I ever had in a game and you brought back so many memories already... now if I could just remember that original costume......
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