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  1. That makes sense, I really appreciate the clarification on that!
  2. So as a -res set, it CAN be modified (achilles) for a greater debuff effect, but if I so choose, can I instead have it proc straight up damage.....and is that preferable? As a side question (sorry) if debuffs are resisted/lessened as you've described....would I get more mileage out of a set that buffs allies or should I just acknowledge that is simply how debuff sets are meant to work, broadly speaking?
  3. Is the proc type inherent to specific blast sets or does this come down to how the powers are slotted? Procs aren't something I know much about (yet) For example if I go Rad blast, are the -res procs an absolute?
  4. Hi Psylensz0511, Yeah you would be 4 hours behind so at 15:00, it would be 19:00 for myself. I would tend to be hopping on and off throughout the day, but it would be roughly around that time I'd be sitting down ready to begin a proper CoH session 🙂 Is/would your SG be hero or villain side? (Everlasting shard, right?)
  5. Would love to do the very same if there's a group of players closer to the GMT +0 time zone - UK player here
  6. To everyone that has taken their time to feed back, a huge thank you. Each post has definitely given me something to think about and I think I may just have to mess around with a few combinations or rad and time to get a feeling. - a little later- Have to admit, I am not huge on the Time AT aesthetic.....but I was utterly impressed when I accidently aggroed a mix of 10-13 blues/whites at level 2 and survived using nothing more than nutrino bolt, times juncture and temporal mending. That's a hell of a good (of not slightly obnoxious looking) toggle!
  7. Hello Defender's forum, First let me thank you for taking the time in reading this. (I'm a waffler so I'll try not to stray) So I've been playing the game for a couple of weeks and have tried various classes, however nothing has quite clicked. If I could have a literal melee version of the defender that would be perfect but such is life. Having said that I love the look of Def's and nature of their primary/secondary AT power types......so what to pick? I love the radiation stuff and thematically it's a must, but I am struggling to pick either sonic/rad, rad/sonic or rad/rad. The problem is, I know just enough to realize that once you scratch the surface, there's a lot to consider: resistances, defense, healing etc and I just don't understand them well enough to know if any of these are more complimentary than the other. I really would appreciate some advice from those far more experienced. I'll probably be doing a fair bit of soloing along with a little duoing on occasion. I'd like to see myself in an SG doing group content much more as I level this character though so in a perfect world I'd be using something that is helpful to others. Thank you so much! Rillion
  8. Did this ever happen? been considering rolling a Defender, came across this thread and loved the idea
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