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  1. People who take half the contents of a grocery store into the express line. Alternatively, people who have two sets of fifteen items, because 'this is for someone else'.
  2. I'll be on with Rocker Wraith tonight (7 central time, 8 eastern time), in Atlas Park near Ms. Liberty. I hope to see you and anyone who is interested there!
  3. I think the Clockwork King had something to do with it.
  4. I'll be around, just in case.
  5. If you usually play on the weekends, I can log onto my random character then. I know you tend toward evenings, so perhaps I can meet you at 7 pm Central on whichever day(s) you prefer?
  6. That would have been around 1980 in Canada, not sure about the US.
  7. Does anyone remember when retail stores sold two comics in a transparent bag? There was often one you wanted, but the other one was always as interesting as used dishwater.
  8. It's the Negative Ghost Rider Pattern. It's big in France.
  9. Yeah, that's why I made sure to mention if they're doing it intentionally.
  10. Derek continued walking as mages crashed into the ground all around him. He looked not up or down, nor left or right, as these events were not of concern to him. There is likely a hero fighting Circle Of Thorn cultists above me, he thought casually before returning to his wonderings of what wacky adventures Homer might have on tv tonight.
  11. In this case, it is not the act itself that is objectional, it is the intent. The reason that somebody is intentionally pushing around another person's character is to bother them, and that should be unacceptable.
  12. To the Circle of Throne mages I knocked off the rooftops last night. Sorry about that. Mistakes were made. But hey, don't you spellcasters have the ability to mystically fly? Don't worry, I kept your minions company. Well, for a couple of minutes anyways. They should be joining you at the hospital shortly. Or the morgue. Whichever place you're at. Let's resolve to be more careful next time. I'll try to focus on finesse with my attacks instead of power, and you refrain from standing so close to the edge. Let's shake on it. Oh, uhm, after your bones heal, of course.
  13. I've mean meaning to watch John Dies At The End for a while, but I never get around to it.
  14. I'm sure there are many tales to be told about Derek and his nonchalant ways.
  15. Legend has it that years ago, Lord Recluse was in the street about to administer a death blow to Statesman, and Derek brushed past him because the villain was between him and the coffee shop.
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