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  1. I was inspired by the other Assault Rifle Rework posted recently to post my own that I've been sitting on for a while. Assault Rifle, since the original launch of the game, has always been an under-preforming set, and like many original overlooked sets has never seen any real love. I attempted to be extremely conservative with buffs, while also throwing in some ideas that I felt would be interesting and refreshing, making Assault Rifle a 'competitive' pick against sets that do more damage, or are just more fun to play because of their gimmicks - or both. All the while attempting to keep the 'spirit' of the power set by not changing the entire thing dramatically. Anything marked in orange are things that I'm not 100% set on, because I feel they are either too good, too bad, or are impossible to implement due to engine limitations. Any feedback on possible improvements are encouraged and appreciated!
  2. After some quick testing on the beta server, Knockback enhancements seem to have no effect on the KB distance of powers. The tests were conducted on Possessed Scientists, random Nemesis mobs, Carnival and Rikti in Peregrine Island. The tests were conducted on an Energy Blast/Energy Manipulation Blaster, and a Kinetics/Energy Blast Defender. Tested powers were six (6) slotted; with six (6) level 50 KB IOs, then three (3) level 50 KB IOs, then no (0) KB IOs. Tested powers: Power Blast Energy Torrent Power Burst Power Push Explosive Blast Nova Power Thrust Repulsion Field Repulsion Bomb Repel In all tests, Knockback distance appeared completely unchanged - with occasional discrepancies of either being a VERY slight increase or decrease in distance. (But I attribute this to the ragdoll animation itself.) I'm unsure if this is an actual bug or was an intentional change?
  3. You're suggesting this because they removed the Accuracy cap (which was 95%) in Path of Exile, aren't you? Aggro cap is silly. AOE cap is silly. And yeah, always having a 5% chance to miss is silly. But hitting enemies that extra 5% of the time won't even be noticeable unless you're actively looking for it. That being said, I sort of feel like this change is sort of... bad in the grand scheme of things. CoH is already easy enough. The "clamp", like aggro and aoe cap, is a balance thing. All the people calling the system outdated just because they don't like it are being silly. CoH, like other MMOs, is the mutant abortion of a Pen-and-Paper RPG. You're rolling a d-100 when you attack. It's not weighted to roll a 96-100, it just happens sometimes. Critical Failures have always existed in RPGs. It's not a "dumb roleplay reasons" thing. It's a fundamental part of the experience. In real life, even if you keep a firearm perfectly clean and oiled; It can still jam. It happens. "It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness; that's life." That being said, I've always thought missing with CERTAIN ATTACKS is a little silly. Like Laser Beam Eyes. Or Inferno. Did you get distracted suddenly? Did the explosion just WOOSH past them? (The same with AOE caps.) I feel like giving certain attacks a "This attack always hits if you have above X% Tohit Bonus" would be a more appropriate change. More challenging to implement, but more interesting. But even if you're a master... punch.. man? Master Punch-man. Sometimes the person you're trying to punch might get lucky and dodge. That's the 5%. It's kind of one of the last tiny bits of difficulty that CoH actually has. Yeah it's random. Yeah it's silly. Everything else is random chance. That's an RPG.
  4. I was an an Ernesto Hess TF a week ago. It was 4 Brutes, 2 Scrappers and 2 Stalkers. We giggled our way through it on +4. It's not about wanting one or fewer of a class, it's about giving the Tank a special utility that separates them and makes them more preferable on a team. Because at this point, there's no reason to pick a Tank over a Brute if you're trying to make a specific team comp.
  5. They're not similar at all. In WoW, (in dungeons, etc,) you have to have a tank. You literally can't avoid it. It's mechanically integral to the game design. In CoH, in 95% of content, you don't even really need a tank on the team. Unless the everyone on the team just sucks at the game. - Unless you're doing Hami, Brutes are better tanks. (And that's only because Tankers have a slightly higher health cap.) Because of IOs, Brutes are better tanks. Because of Incarnates, Brutes are better tanks. Brutes do not have a problem holding aggro. They have the same mag of taunt as Tankers. Also the classes don't exist in a vacuum. Controllers and Dominators exist. Hell, with a good Controller on the team, you don't need a Tank even in "difficult" content. Calling aggro a form of "crowd control" is trying to make it sound more impressive than it actually is. Most mobs die almost INSTANTLY. Even more so if they're actually mezzed. I can 'tank' mobs on my Blaster. Because he has soft-capped defense, and good resistances. Because of IOs and Incarnates. And that's the problem. This thread isn't about "TANK > BRUTE. MY OPINION IS UNDENIABLE FACT." It's not about that other classes invalidate Tankers. This thread was originally about giving Tankers an extra edge by changing their inherent, so they can more specifically fill the niche they are intended to fill. Giving Tankers a higher aggro cap than other classes would give them an entirely unique utility that would make them a preferable choice for actually TANKING. Because holding the most aggro would truly make them "the tank."
  6. All Brute attack sets include an auto-hit, multi-target taunt power. Most Brute defense sets include a toggle that includes a taunt effect. Additionally, all Brute attacks include a single-target auto-hit taunt. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Taunt_(Status_Effect) Brutes literally can't lose aggro to any other AT except a Tank, unless the person playing one is an idiot. They also have the same resistance caps and only slightly lower max health than a Tank. So saying they're less survivable is just plain making shit up. You're right about one thing, though. Brutes are not Tankers. They're better than Tankers.
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