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  1. PainX


    for secondary something passive staff has forced weapon redraw everytime you pop a secondary power which can really get jarring in the long run
  2. well flurry does about half the DPA of air sup 3.3 second animation baby 34 damage whats not to like
  3. if it becomes too much just pick up flurry to
  4. essentialy yes claws is the the star here bio just does the same to any primary give more damage leaves some defensive holes like not exactly amazing exotic damage resists no DDR just a great big pile of damage and a prayer towards not getting insta nuked feared or confused
  5. having both claws and mace bio i would go claws infact if only i could play claws with that "new" feeling again having allmost every bio scrapper claws/bio is by far my favorite combo they all work but claws is something else has a fluidity only katana can match and unlike katana it has great aoe to boot
  6. wanna do a trade? regen for you ill take stone melee so i can make it on a manly toon like a scrapper i can allready hear it boom booom boooooooom infinite powah!
  7. depends what i do if i go do +4 ITF they never drop i have however gotten one this week from a level 49 risk vs reward i suppose since i was all alone against that ebil very hard lvl 49 CoT minion
  8. blaster who is solo yes maybe but kind of a very specific situation on a team you should not be wasting 3s doing support on a blaster tbh just get like a corr or defender and they will have a KD patch that also provides 30% -res making it instantly better then bonfire and yes fast ticks but it's a case of you dont need that fast ticks what so ever sleet for example is better by far neuters defense provides -res and makes enemies fall down bonfire has some dmg but it is not even a decent aoe takes 45s to do that dmg
  9. whats broken about bonfire seems to work normal for me unless im missing something here threw one down it knocked enemies up fire/earth domi did not have domi going not that it matters for bonfire but that should be about what a troller has
  10. guess that leaves only soul mastery then as the other pools well look at the power damages kinda speak for them selves honestly quite imbalanced the epic pools
  11. thanks very in depth think ill keep it where it is then kinda makes sense to me dont imagine i will be trying to keep her alive that much got a game to play was also considering MU for that reason it's just Gloom hits really really hard infact so does dark obliteration and both have what i consider "acceptable" animation times guess ill have to see late game how the pet works out only ever had the MU pet he is okay dont die much not to brainless in his decisions IE better then the Phantasm you get on illusion lol
  12. revised it allready went down to 41% for both and yeah i know about the -KB have to decide on that later when i run into some KB mobs as for the slot thats pretty easy tbh and no not hover never hover dont like it oh and changed the AOE again still not sure on that one 2.5s and 3s is a long time but knockback built in also sucks not really the best AoE available to crab imo it is wet noodle hit or long animation any of you happen to know which pet would be most effective with the chance for build up?
  13. what do you think of this build kind of derived it from your build im afraid there is little left though
  14. yeah sonic/sonic + a sound mod very relaxing but i will admit i think a sound mod is required or music really not the best sounds made in a game ever infact resonance can be downright jarring
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