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  1. well he has a set 6 slotted for ranged defense and i dont know how to 7 slot things
  2. think the worst pet is phatasm imo the random KB in the cone makes sure i never spawn him outside potentialy an AV/GM in which case he promptly runs in to die while i shake my head and think about why i just wasted a 2s animation
  3. i think alot of AT's can accomplish that with enough willpower between OP incarnates and IO's really anything with those two is borderline OP maybe not MM since pets tend to still drop like flies and dont get truly broken IO bonuses due to their mechanics and AI fighting you every step of the way could probably do it just think it would be horrible i guess
  4. it would likely work for a split pure pvp game too but for pve we like playing together and let's be honest neither game is made for pvp nor dominated by it so naturaly people gravitate to one side
  5. unfortunately there was never a big enough playerbase for that and so we had blueside and deadside even WoW had this issue after numbers started dropping to only a few million players
  6. probabably either grav/fire/dark something that is not very passive mostly because i get bored of doing nothing and empath dont really need the heals much at 50 mostly for the buffs would probably do fire as im partial to the mechanics and not fond of dark or grav
  7. never found a reason for superior invisibility tbh lack of lotg +recharge slots maybe other then that i dont see why it could ever be usefull compared to a +def buff for my whole team along with ofc the stealth being neat but that part is really just the same as the pool power + IO in pve
  8. dunno just run the basics have malwarebytes but just the free scanner just need to know what im infected with not to worried no naked photo's everything running 2 factor frankly windows updates worry me more worst virus there is
  9. psi specialist will have to mean abit more then just resistance though dark armor handily gets to hard capped psi resist on a tanker
  10. Avast remember reading about them claiming phishing falsely alot on forums Google was one of the phishing sites mentioned so was Gov.uk which is aparently exactly what the name suggests so it seems they get around when it comes to this
  11. it is worth taking but not over mudpots which is your damage/taunt aura it provides a constant mag 4 16.4s taunt effect to anything with in 8ft it hits is a staple imo would never skip the dmg aura
  12. has alot of burst not sure if it is the highest ST dps atm but it is up there not very amazing with out IO's though imo abit of a weird set to play with the very low crit dmg which people tend to try and crit TF or ET i personaly favor critting TF but heard others do the ET thing is i just find the heal does not matter to me nor the hp damage from ET that being all said and done i imagine mostly it does not matter what primary you pick there are a few weak one's kinetic, fire and STJ from my experience my personal preference would be claws hands down just does it all AoE ST and fee
  13. a fair bit of base hp difference between brute->scrapper->stalker too so much so my SD scrapper has 2048hp my SD stalker 1656 as for why well i picture there was some intention of having scrappers being off-tank's when you consider the ST taunt and the later addition armor sets with taunt aura's built in seems like something they just never got around to fixing fully infact the interresting part is they bothered to change those aura's for the scrapper as they only get mag 3 versus the brutes mag 4 aura meaning they had some kind of plan with that direction imo not gonna guess
  14. getting some error loading the build you are using somekind of leadership beta version you might have an old version of mids just fyi cant even fix it with current mids just keeps popping some error message and all the pool powers are locked up so they cannot be changed
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