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  1. You're a peach. I knew it was something like this! tyvm
  2. Hey gang. I can't figure out what's causing this - note the contact dialogue window is scaled down SUPER SMOLL. It's annoyingly hard to click such small interaction text and reading it when it's that tiny is manageable but feels unnecessary. I should note that whatever caused this appeared somewhat out of the blue, and only on one character! It is persistent to the character. I have tried - messing with graphic resolutions, switching to/from window mode, switching UI scaling to auto/manual, scaling the UI up/down (this works, but the contact window is always half size, so if I we
  3. I realize that, this feels like you've arrived backwards to my rationale of the sonic arrow. I don't want a sonic arrow, or any power which mimics the effects of another one because it is currently performing poorly and needs a buff that stretches the bounds of what similar powers do. Previously you've extended my logic well past the bounds of my intentions by suggesting my proposals in matching Trick Arrow/Entangling to Traps/Web Grenade would produce WoW-clone like effects where each powerset across the AT is functionally identical, despite Traps and TA having great thematic distinction ev
  4. Yes, I misspoke and mentioned Defenders specifically when I meant to refer to Trick Arrow users generally. You make your points well, but I stand by my position. There are themes within sets and there are themes across sets of related powers. Commonalities between device based powers is one such theme. The beta changes run counter to those themes, and it need not be so. Thanks for your responses
  5. Appreciate your responses Luminara. I'm not gonna ask someone to make a list of every single power that diverges from like powers in minor ways, but a good faith contribution to this line of reasoning would be finding one example of a power which diverges from its cousins in such a major way as the one we're talking about (entangling). This is not a slight modification to the power. Evidently, I don't think it's irrelevant, nor do I think you speak for all players, or even all the posters in this thread, when you say that train has left the station. You seized upon my example of elect
  6. Okay, let's reset. I agree, the powerset is better off with the changes, in case that was in doubt. I am not proposing power redesigns. New mechanics are being introduced to a 20 year old game. Powers are being reworked in an effort to boost their performance. In the process, icons have changed and the function of specific powers have changed entirely (perhaps in ways we are still coming to understand). It strikes me as ironic that proposals which incorporate these benefits while adhering to the original vision of a game rebranding itself Homecoming are considered to be too f
  7. It seems I'm unable to offer feedback without attacking the entire idea or reverting back to the existing model, as you say. That's not what my posts have been in reference to, so if that's how you take it than sure, lambast me. I think there should be room to consider something that incorporates the changes being made while retaining consistency and familiarity, and it seems there is some consensus on this.
  8. no worries, it's gonna take a few back and forths to get there I understand that and appreciate the insights you've presented in the thread and keeping in course. But then why have feedback threads? Especially when I can demonstrate that these changes are actually going to make me work just as hard keeping all these debuffs on an AV since Acid Arrow and Entangling and Disrupting are now a 3 power rotation for maximal effect, whereas before I would never bother with an immobilize against anything higher than a lieutenant. This defeats the goal of power consolidation. I a
  9. Literally I am suggesting keeping everything the test version has, in some more logical format. Now, vs an AV: Acid Arrow, Disrupting Arrow (for maximal -res), EMP arrow (for -regen) and crash, other effects as necessary and heavily resisted while chewing blues On beta, vs an AV: Acid Arrow (for -debuff res), Disrupting arrow (for -res), EMP arrow (for -regen and ally +res), no crash, spam other effects as necessary to take advantage of less debuff resistance, including a magical 20% -res from a net My proposal, vs an AV: Acid Arrow, Disrupting Arrow (for maximal -res and -debuff res
  10. ahhh I forgot about that part, good catch.
  11. Your argument boils down to "sure, it may not make any sense but it's categorically better and so I'm for it." While at the same time admiring the changes as "simple, not sloppy." and promoting synergy in a game where this is already readily abundant. I don't buy much of that reasoning. I never suggested restoring -res to acid arrow would be an improvement. I am suggesting that it is appropriate. We agree that "technically" disruption arrow is a better home for the new -debuff res mechanic that you feel is indispensable, so let's build toward that consensus rather than get bogged dow
  12. I take your points but can’t shake the impressions I have of these changes. Acid arrow is enhancing the debuff effects of other debuff powers. It’s a developers way of saying, “well, these powers are as good as I can justify or am comfortable making them, but the whole set isn’t as good as I want it to be, so one of these powers will do the remaining heavy lifting when used in tandem (a point well illustrated with painstaking statistics comparisons above, bravo) whether I fire it first, last, or in the middle, acid arrow is still a nothing power that is taking up space in rotation for a counte
  13. Alright, I got some time on the test server to bear out my assumptions this afternoon since it didn't seem fair to spill ink without getting dirty. power descriptions during character creation Entangling Arrow - the power description text misspells the words 'grounds' as groudns. Acid Arrow - "This acid eats through armor, causing damage over time, reducing target's Defense as well as their resistance to debuffs..." Should probably read "the target's Defense" EMP Arrow - "Allies in range of the pulse will also their resistances to all damage except toxic" should be reworked, I know w
  14. Thanks, there is a subtlety to discussing these tweaks that is sometimes lost in forum conversation. The more I think about it, the more I like acid arrow getting the single target -res. Arrows are unidirectional, so even if they have a payload, they are usually designed to stick into something (with a few exceptions: explosive arrow and emp arrow airburst near/above the target, and glue/poison gas are fired into the ground to release their payload, etc). Whereas mortars and grenades shower an area. So having acid mortar and venom grenade apply their -20% resistance broadly in an AoE whi
  15. 1) Yes, but I don't want to fire acid at a guy to lower his debuff resistance. This is like an inverse power boost that only applies to the targets being hit. If this is the cool effect the set needs or wants, then fine, put it on acid arrow, but don't change how acid arrow works relative to similar powers. 2) Yes, that is a problem. Introducing new effects to powers where it makes no sense does not make this problem go away, as now we are obliged to pick up entangling where we might have skipped it before. I understand there's a budget. I'm not suggesting the budget be broken, but I
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