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  1. Something I'd like to point out... Two of the "least popular" power types are Repel and variations on Intangibility powers. You know which power sets get stuck with both? Force Field and Sonic Resonance. But sonic has a lot of popular buffs and debuffs. Force Fields gets... Force Bolt (taken by only 30-40% of players, except for MMs who have to take it as a T1), and Repulsion Bomb (~40-50%). Across all ATs, the numbers for Detention Field and Repulsion Field are roughly in the 25%-35% range. Taken together, that's almost half the powers in the set that are skipped by over half of the players. I'd also hazard that the only reason the numbers are that high for Detention and Repulsion (instead of being in <15% range seen for those powers in other sets) is because after a point you have to take something. I don't know what the answer is here, but this set gets hit with 2 out of the 3 "worst" types of powers (only missing the single-target taunt), and not a lot to balance it out. The defense shields are absolutely great for everyone else except the character with the power (since they don't affect the user), and the anti-mez bubble is wonderful, but... yeesh. I love my Grav/FF controller, but it's way more about the "Grav" and much less about the "FF". I wish my secondary set had more to offer. (Note of disclosure: I actually do use and enjoy repulsion bomb both because it's thematic for my toon to be tossing everyone around, and because it's a lovely proc holder, so count me in that 46% for that power... but the other 3 are skipped. Although that lack of good options does mean I'm one of the 36% who got stuck taking (but never using) the intangibility power from Gravity, sigh.)
  2. I wanted to try some of the new melee powersets, and settled on Rad Melee and Bio Armor-- and thus my newest brute, Power Creep, was born.
  3. Doctor Geist (aka Fighting Spirit, Gothic Horror, Technophobe, etc...) here and loving it.
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