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  1. No, don't want voice-acting in cutscenes. Having some random dork try to make a scary voice for (for example) the Nictus talking to Romulus at the end of the ITF would just be dumb. Better to leave such things to the imagination. Additionally, the text in most cutscenes goes past faster than someone could read them at a normal conversational (or dramatic) pace. Try reading off the lines aloud yourself in a few cutscenes if you don't believe it. To make voice acting work, the devs would have to slow down many of the cutscenes by a substantial amount, which would be an impact on play
  2. Another its/it's... The description for the Katana ability Golden Dragonfly says that it "...can even knock a foe down to the ground and reduce it's Defense." Should be "its Defense." Or if you like singular they, "their Defense." (I actually would prefer to use their here rather than its, especially since this is technically a cone attack.) Also, and this is not an error, but it is a bit redundant to say "knock a foe down to the ground." Either say, "knock a foe down" or "knock a foe to the ground." The extra wordiness as written does not add any additional
  3. Yeah, also shouldn't he say "I need your help to get them," since, as I recall, you have to get both artifacts on this mission? Also, and this is a much more minor error, the "The" in front of Book of Binding and Dust of Chains should not be capitalized. Fully corrected sentence: "Midnight seized the Midnight Mansion and all the artifacts and sorcery the Midnighters had accumulated over the decades, including the Book of Binding and the Dust of Chains, and I need your help to get them."
  4. In the debriefing for the First Ward story arc mission Revenge: Served Chilled, Finale: My Enemy's Enemy, Master Midnight says that he'll "set to work at once studying it's pages...". Instead of it's pages, that should be its pages, because what is intended here is a possessive, not a contraction.
  5. In Cerulean's story arc, A Woman's Scorn, Part Two: The Tower and the Devil, when you talk to Diabolique on the roof of the Westerman Building, she says that we take orders from Cerulean like we're "his dotting pupil." That should be doting (i.e., excessively affectionate), not dotting (i.e., dot-drawing). Unless she means to say that he is teaching us pointillism, in which case we would indeed be dotting pupils.
  6. I have seen this error also on a saved costume for a Staff Fighting character. There seem to be several weapons (from the various weapon-based powersets) that will throw that error when loading from a saved costume file.
  7. In Noble Savage's mission, The Only Good Day Was Yesterday, Finale: The Girl That Got Away, in the task where you speak to Candlestick about the Awakened, the player's response at one point reads, "What? I'm hear to ask about the Awakened." That should be here, not hear.
  8. In Ghost Widow's Patron Pool story arc, in the mission where you fight the Longbow who have invaded GW's base, there's a Clue that refers to "...methods to make a spirit physically manifest, even against it's will." That should be "its will," not "it's will," of course. (It's means it is, which is not what is intended here; its is the correct possessive form of it.)
  9. In the Issue 27 Story Arc The Graveyard Shift, if you decide to investigate Hide Park, Jacob (the child-actor-turned-homeless-guy) at some point says, "PPD says it's for our safety. that's it very anonymous." (In the attached screenshot, the text in question is in the bottom paragraph.) Of course that should be a comma separating those clauses, not a period, and "that's it" should be "that it's". So, the sentence in question should read, "PPD says it's for our safety, that it's very anonymous." (Could also consider changing "very" to "totally" or "completely", though th
  10. In What Was Built Upon the Past, Part Three: At All Costs (Sister Solaris' part of the Dark Astoria arc), Sister Solaris says "Daedalus helped guide Marcus Valerius and the small fleet of ships out to sea. I've been tracking the progress but have had a terrible vision." That should be "tracking their progress". Or you could say "tracking the progress of the fleet but...". As written, it is technically grammatical but definitely non-standard usage.
  11. At -4, most if not all of the enemies in the zone would con gray, awarding no exp/inf for defeating them. Even the Lieutenants would be gray, I think. There would need to be a big pop-up warning saying "If you set your notoriety to -4, you will receive little to no experience for most missions" or something to that effect. Without the warning -- and probably even with the warning -- many people will not know why they are doing mission after mission and gaining no exp.
  12. While I do not have any connection to the organizers of this event (so I can't speak to their rules), I can say that Sprint does not count as a travel power as far as the game is concerned. I did an Ouroboros story arc with the "No Travel Powers" restriction set recently, and it did allow me to Sprint.
  13. Maybe I'm just weird, but I like to frequently change up which badge I have showing on my character at any given time. Some days I feel like a Dance Legend, other days perhaps a Happy Camper, still others I want to mark myself Already Dead. But it's cumbersome to use the Badges window when you have several hundred badges to scroll through and you want to set a particular badge, but can't remember if said badge is an "Achievement" or "Accomplishment" or something else (very annoying for days when I feel Strong & Pretty, and can't recall which category that falls under). Also these badg
  14. I mean, I guess it depends on what you mean by "viable". In theory, sure. The source code is out there; knock yourself out. I don't expect it will be quite that simple in practice though. Having the server's source code is one thing, having the expertise and internal content-development tools the original devs had at their disposal to change and improve upon it is quite another.
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