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I fell in love with CoH from the time I first logged in during pre-release beta back in 2004, and played off and on from then till the game went F2P, which I didn't really care for. Water under the bridge now, I guess.


My old main on live was SnowTigress (one word), a 50 Ice/Ice Tanker on Virtue. My only other characters I played at all were Gigajoule, an Electric/Energy Blaster, and Perigee, a Gravity/Kinetics Controller.

And now, my main on Homecoming is Gigajoule, a level 50 Electric/Rad Tanker on Everlasting. I also play a few lower-level characters: a Night Widow named Widow Geiger, an Ice/Ice Tanker named Snow Tigress, and a Katana/Electric Scrapper named Automatic Justice, all on Everlasting.

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