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  1. My main complaint is how slow they are. My team finishes killing groups and they still have not caught up......pointless at endgame except for solo.
  2. Ahh thanks. I certainly don't want low dps. It looks like Demons/Cold might be overall best. But the only thing I wonder is how to heal them then.
  3. I wonder how low you can get the hell on earth CD with spamming low as possible cd "energizing circuit" and perma haste. Also I heard the chain bubble and chain heal back to back combined with faraday cage make Demons basically immortal. I gotta go test this stuff lol.
  4. So I'm hearing Demons/EA is a top contender? Fact or Fiction?
  5. Hmm very interesting, thanks. Have you tried Demons/Cold? I hear thats pretty good too.
  6. Either group or solo, what is the most successful build for the most difficult content for you? I want to see what people generally find as the meta.
  7. Oh really I never heard much about DP or seen many use it. Interesting, better than fire? As for Ice and water. Ice still does good ST even without having a snipe? Is Water's ST good? How far are all of these apart in actual dps numbers if anyone knows.
  8. Does anyone have a DPS ranking for each blast set for Corrupter or Sentinel? Both for ST/AOE. I don't want to do Fire since that is what most people use. I heard Ice is the next best, but I've heard conflicting reports that after the latest snipe changes it's actually relatively poor ST DPS now. So is next place now Rad Blast? Anyone got some insight on this? Perhaps some DPS tests or charts? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for all the great info! I'm deciding between Thugs/Time and Demon/Time (or Demons/Dark, but I hear Dark has slow animations). I can make a cool character for both thematically, but want to focus on one as I'm new. Which of those two are the better performance wise in the most difficult stuff? Or even Bots/Anything if its any substantially better than the above.
  10. Just a quick question because you make it seem like MM is great. I wanted to try MM but I've heard people say it sucks at the highest difficulty due to pet levels not scaling. Those people said say that they aren't good in groups of the same content. Mostly because Pets die in Incarnate TFs. So are they wrong?
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