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  1. Just use a crystal in a base. I'm on Everlasting and we have Zone-8888 as a public teleport hub that has a crystal in the base that works. I used it to go back to some arcs in Praetoria. I also used /altinvite to add my Praetorian to my SG so assumingly, I could use the SG's crystal.
  2. I'm running a currently lvl 30 Brute through Night Ward. The First Ward stories are awesome. I wasn't running any XP boosters until about lvl 25 because they caused me to miss some of the 1-20 arcs for my chosen alignment in Praetoria I figured it'd be the same way in First Ward. I finished the arcs before I could get the second arc in NW. I ended up doing low lvl Praetorian arcs with the crystal in a base to level up about 3 lvls to 30 in order to start the Ward arc. I have the option to call a contact and go through the Rift to Primal Earth any time I wish. The closest I've come is I hit up Pocket D for P2W because its easier to get to than Nova. Somehow, I got the Ouro portal power but when I tried to use it I got a message when trying to enter it that the portal rejects me. My feelings were hurt. Bad. 😞
  3. It's never max leveling/power a character before creating another. Example: I have 3 lvl 50's but I have over 35 characters total. I don't finish off a character before starting another.
  4. You can avoid repeating the same content so much. Most level ranges, possibly all, have multiple zones to run in. You can start in Atlas which if you ignore Matthew Habashy. Just run into city hall and go to the department for your origin and keep clicking people until you find the contact. Or start in Praetoria. There are 4 story arcs in each zone. 2 Loyalists and 2 Resistance. If you go to Praetoria, you there until you hit lvl 20 and get an option of going Hero or Villain. You can still access Pocket D though. Primal Earth heroes/villians won't get contacts in Preitoria but can team with Praetorians for missions. At level 5 or 6 you can follow directions to Kings Row or run to the Hollows and speak to David Wincott to start the story there and unlock the Trial. Hollows will take you up to lvl 15. At lvl 10 you have the choice of Steel Canyon or Skyway. If you don't get contacts for the right zone, use the radio, do the safeguard and get offered a new contact in that zone. At lvl 15 you can choose to go to Faultline and follow that story arc up to lvl 25. Just go find Jimmy Tremblor (Faultline) save Fusionette a few times, then go save Penelope Yin's father, then find out what really happened to Faultline, and finally thwart Arachnos. At lvl 20, you can choose Talos, Independence Port, Striga or First Ward. First Ward has it's own story going. Croatoa starts about lvl 24 or so. Lvl 30 has Founder's, Brickstown, and Night Ward. Night Ward has a story arc. Lvl 35 you can join Vanguard in the RWZ and travel to Cimerora to fight aliens, Nazis and Romans. Lvl 40 seems to shove you into Peregrine at least on paper but a lot of the 35+ content will continue to 50. Lvl 50 and incarnates have Dark Astoria with its associated story arc, Number Six in the RWZ, iTrials, and 2 TFs. All of which is co-op. Then there still is redside content. I won't go into redside here. But the stories are often better than early blueside content. Additionally, First Ward and Night Ward are co-op zones. The point is there is so much content in this game no one character could do it all without being lvl 50 and exemping down or using flashbacks.
  5. I don't know if this is funny but I was in Cim when an NPC commented about Terra Volta getting attacked again.
  6. Back in the early days of Virtue, people used to congregate in the park near the wall in Galaxy City. You'd have to go to the Echo today.
  7. All of Kallisti Warf is empty except for the Market Crash contact and some stores, hospitals, trainers. Fusionette is there eating a donut. I found a sports stadium that's half built but there a bleachers and space for someone to act or give a speech. The whole zone is clean except one person said they saw a piece of litter once and only one piece. Bit if you wanted to roleplay there is tons of space. The club in Talos is on your map as Paragon Dance Party. The doors are in Steel (near the South train), Talos, and IP on the island with Terra Volta.
  8. If I wanted to use flashback to unlock Katie Hannon, Ernesto Hess and the Hollows Trials do I have to do every arc in the zone or can I just flashback to final arc and get the TFs unlocked? Thanks for your answers in advance.
  9. I build a SJ/Regen character with the concept of a guy focused on street level activity (gangs and others the everyday citizens see). He does team with other heroes on bigger things sometimes (Task Forces). I've taken all of my primary and secondary up through lvl 32. The concept is so strong on this one that I don't have travel powers beyond sprint + ninja run or a Longbow Mini Jest Pack. I know if I stick with the concept I'm not taking him into an Incarnate or certain difficult zones (Shadow Shard). He's fun to run around hitting things with though. I use him mainly to enjoy content. I've taken him through all of Faultline, Half the Hollows (outleveled), and ran the Frealympics story line. I've done Posi 1 & 2 and Citadel with him. I'm really looking forward to Freakbashing in Yin's TF. I have 2 lvl 50's who shot up rather quick. Now I'm ready to sit back and grab content as I'm leveling.
  10. I don't know if it's really possible, but could the Weekly Strike Targets be added to calendar on the site? This post got buried and took some time to find. The calendar is always in the same place.
  11. I was just playing my lvl 22 SJ/Regen scrapper on a Posi 2. There were times I was the only one who went down, but there were times I was still up and beating on clocks, vahz, and COT while the rest of the team was popping awakens. I'd just done Posi 1 and didn't have time to buy/craft basic IO's for more than a few slots. I just kept going. At least once I had no hp I could see (what is that like 1 or 2) but once everything went down, it came back real quick. I haven't gotten to the point yet where long fights stop making me shut off sprint or ninja to conserve end. I had a broadsword/regen scrapper on Live that wouldn't stop and barely ever faceplanted. It happened. After 50, I once got reminded to slow down because other people cared about debt and end and health. That was back when people had to break between fights to let some powers come back and regain end. But please, I like my regen. Having IH be a toggle again would be great. But, stop nerfing it. There's hardly any PVP on COX, so why do people complain others' sets are too powerful. We're all more or less on the same team.
  12. Wicko

    Redside Teaming

    Yeah, that was weird on my character. I chose Scirroco. I never did one mission for him but someone called for help with their own arc and got the badge. But I could run that.
  13. Wicko

    Redside Teaming

    I have another question, is there any can't miss content on redside that will definately grab some interest?
  14. Wicko

    Redside Teaming

    Thanks ImpousVileTerror, Right now for a few hours there seems to be no shortage of people who want to find redside teams. I ran a story arc tonight from Johnny i forget his last name. The guy in the Giza. I want to do the Renault TF at least once this week for others to get the bonus Merits and badge.
  15. So last night I ended up starting a team while soloing on my villain. Well, someone was looking for anything on redside so I invited him into my adventures. Between each mission I offered to take anyone who wanted to join as we continued on our misadventures. People came and went as they wished and everyone seemed to have a good time. So I'm going to try to keep getting teams as I go with no plan. I usually don't form teams but on redside someone has to start. So with the homecoming team asking how to increase redside population, I am working to level my villains to be able to form teams, help others level and to run the SFs and other villain content. So everyone who wants to play a villain and don't want wander those islands alone look for D'Atrix, Zombie White, or Mind Death. I will always join with anyone looking to group. I plan to attempt to start running at least the weekly strike force once a week. My highest villain is currently level 37 so I can't run all the SFs yet. I will warn you, I enjoy the content and read what the contacts have to say and why I'm doing whatever mission the contact wants.
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