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  1. Need a build for my SJ/energy stalker if anyone has one. Never built one b4 even on live so I'm stoked but need some help.
  2. Also bud it won't let me open the file? It says I need to download something idk.
  3. Ty cause I had no idea on where to start. I think I will try this build for open pvp b4 making a FC toon just so I know how to use the toon. I plan on also making a stalker for pvp. Any idea what's good for that atm? Also I'm on indom shard and am always looking for fellow pvpers. When I get my toons ready soon I'd deff b down to play. I'd also b down to moving to other shard for pvp events but ibdom is my main. Ty
  4. I chose to make a SS/bio tank for pvp. i wanted something that could do both fight club and some Rv type stuff. I am currently working on getting parts but not rly sure where to put them and why. It's never been my strong quality on understanding making builds so if someone could help me id greatly appreciate it (; If we can start out with something that even around 700 800 mill and upgrade later because I do have a farmer I made today. I do realize this isn't going to be the best it's just a start ty.
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