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  1. https://tinyurl.com/EverlastingBases Here's a tinyurl that you could use too! Also easy to remember. 🙂
  2. He released them I'm afraid, but you can send me a private message which name you would like and I can hold on to it until then if you want to make sure no one takes it. 🙂
  3. I didn't know about this thread until now, had a blast looking through it! Going to post a few of mine! The first one is my namesake Citizenship, an older character that's very obviously based on a certain super... man if he was patriotic, he was my main though for a very long time on live so had to remake him here too! Next up is Sandskin, a mutant whose skin indefinitely produces sand, he became a hero because his little brother thinks it's cool, and he secretly enjoys helping people too. And finally my new main I think that's I'm loving a lot, his name is Flap, a mutant with wings that shoots arrow, simple but he's been a lot of fun both to RP and play.
  4. Some free names: Achiever Adviser Definer Gauger Lifter Novice Patient Student Surveyor Tackler Taunter Tempter
  5. A few free names I found while searching for one, I didn't find one I could use but maybe one of these will work for others! Rancour Vigorous Sporty Attached Attach Staunch Immoral
  6. A couple of names I snagged from here: Mound Shoutcast Barge Here's some free ones I found in exchange: Daunting Juggle Hiero Clarinet Nuanced Bear Fist Bearfist Dwindler Quizmaster
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