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  1. Is fold space working correctly? It doesn't do anything on my blaster even after aim+BU.
  2. EMP really sucks as a T9 power. It doesn't affect the caster, long recharge, short hold duration. I don't understand why it only gives status protection within the mobs and not the caster when usually the ATs that get close to it are the ones that already have status protection (ex. Tanks, brutes, etc.), and let not forget the long recharge of 4 min! Most fights don't even take more than 2 min.
  3. Ok. Thanks, for the reply. Weird though, but it was in Homecoming, as that was his screenshot from when we were teaming last night, I just cropped out our team chat.
  4. I was teaming with a friend last night and he showed me that he has the options to change his alignment tight on the interface under the"set notoriety", but he didn't know how it came about. Could anyone shed some light if this is what we can do now? And how do I get to turn it on please?
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