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  1. There are a few mods for changing MM pet sounds and the tracks you hear in Pocket D, but what if the pets themselves made music? I'm not sure how many OGG files go into a set of pet sounds, but if they were each replaced with a short riff on different instruments, then the henchmen would, collectively, produce semi-random music. Maybe Jazz-style instrumental riffs would work best, if the genre lends itself to random 'jam sessions'. I'm not a musician, so I don't really have more than a vague concept, but maybe there's someone here who has the knowledge and interest to create it.
  2. Keovar

    Pet Names

    Reminds me of that Servants of the Mushroom Cloud cult from the original Wasteland CRPG. Their scripture said things like "Einstein gave us the theory, Oppenheimer gave us the bomb." and they wanted to convert everyone to worshipping the Great Glow. Of course, in that game, the nuclear apocalypse happened around 1998, which was 10 years in the future from when it was released, and the USSR hadn't collapsed quite yet.
  3. Thanks. Something I've come to realize over the years is that a large part of nostalgia really comes down to missing the person you were at an earlier age. You can't cross the same river twice, but it's not just the river that's changed.
  4. Were you drunk posting? I don't know why you're directing that strange rant at me. I'm not asking for a rollback server, I'm thinking about why people want such things. WoW Classic was a recent example, and that video presents the rollback topic in a fair and charitable way. Some players of the Achiever type feel like their achievements don't mean as much if everyone has them. Popular opinion says that 'good' games are hard, so if something is made easier, it's made less 'good'. I don't agree, but then, I'm much more of an Explorer type. I want to see and do as many things as I can, and high difficulty starts to feel like a bunch of arbitrary walls being thrown up around me. People play the games they do because they're looking for certain types of experiences. Sometimes they mistake nostalgia for quality, sometimes a game actually has shifted to serve a different audience.
  5. IMO, that's true, but incomplete. What experience is the player looking for? Is part of an achievement's fun dependent upon its rarity, for them? Rollback related:
  6. It's not like the availability of storage objects forces you to use them, and it's not allowing anything that can't be done already. It's just that emailing recipes to yourself is an annoying process, and a place to dump them for another character to pick up would shorten the process. Are we in need of time sinks so people will slow down and pay subscription fees for longer? My primary badge-collector doesn't have all of the invention badges yet. Until they do, I'm emailing recipes to myself daily and have a craft session around once a week. That's not hoarding, and most of the recipes (or enhancements they produce) are worth so little that holding on to them for a week is not going to affect the market at all. Some can sit on the AH for a week, listed atf 5 INF. Apparently, supply far outstrips demand for a lot of this stuff already.
  7. Is there a way to share invention recipes among one's characters, besides emailing them? If not, and if it's possible to create a new type of storage object for base building, a bookshelf to store & share invention recipes would be great. Thanks!
  8. I think I deleted and remade my dwarf character 5 times to get the "Undying" title for him in LotRO. You had to get to 20 without being defeated once, which was harder in that game, and while I got a fun story out of one of the failed attempts, it's not something I would care to repeat. I have deleted and remade a CoH character because I forgot about the Isolator badge in the Hero tutorial, and at the time, getting to 50 and figuring out how to fix it was farther away than just resetting the few levels I had gained. I may not be that quite that much of an achiever/badger these days, but I'd certainly be unhappy with there being something I could never get. It would actually be trivial to get to 50 without slotting anything if you played in AE, but that doesn't help all the characters who have already missed the opportunity. It's bad enough that we end up with empty and incomplete contacts that are locked with no way to exemplar down and complete them.
  9. Could the zones to which Null the Gull is able to send you have holiday events turned on all the time? There are some that match pretty well, like the Halloween version of Atlas Park for trick-or-treating. Alternately, it could be set up like time travel through the Ouroboros crystal, since you're only shifting a few months either way. I'm not sure if the zones are instanced, but if not, maybe the mobs which come out of doors, presents, etc. could stay at a relatively low level so newer players aren't griefed by others who don't bother to clean up their spawns. Or maybe there's a way to make holiday spawns auto-scale like some giant monsters do?
  10. Is there something like "Fear Control"? Seems like that would just use existing graphics, with a few colored clouds around an affected targets, and animations like running away, cowering, kneeling, or dropping prone. The damage could be some mix of Psionic and Negative energy, mostly in DOT form. A recolored 'Hurricane' could work for a defense power. Anything getting too close has to make repeated checks or start running like they're at 25% health. The main attack powers shouldn't cause enemies to run, they would use more cowering/kneeling/dropping for holds and immobilizes. The death animation for Praetorian ghouls could work for a 'Nightmare' power that combines sleep with a psionic/negative DOT.
  11. No thanks; you've missed the point. The names may be available on multiple servers, and I'm not going to check them all. I'm just putting the ideas out there so I don't use them to create characters I probably won't end up playing. Others can 'donate' name ideas if they wish to do the same. Or maybe someone making an AE mission wants to use one, and the uniqueness isn't an issue. Anyway, adding: Beelzebubba - Lord of the Skeeters (demon/insect/redneck costume?)
  12. Naughty (Boy/Girl) - Get the "You've been naughty!" result 50 times when opening a winter event gift. "Naughty (boys/girls) need love too." Nice (Boy/Girl) - Get the "You've been nice!" result 50 times when opening a winter event gift. "(He's/She's) such a nice (boy/girl)!" If you already have Toy Collector, you get Naughty and Nice as well, since it's practically certain that you've exceeded the requirements, whether or not the game was tracking those events at the time.
  13. Keovar

    New to scrapping

    Seems like few people use the powerset combos that match or ‘make sense’ together. Maybe they’re bored of anything that doesn’t require a convoluted explanation, or they’re just looking at the numbers, backstory be damned. Personally, I prefer the classic combos that blend into one another thematically, but I don’t have the experience playing them back on live so I can’t provide build advice. What would be great is a series like “Understanding $powerset” in which each power within the set is discussed and advice given for its utility, so those with less experience can create their own builds. I guess I can relate it to building a Magic the Gathering deck. Early on, it’s best to copy a list someone else has tuned (playing with a random pile of your favorite cards rarely works out) but eventually you want to know how to tune a deck yourself. In both systems there’s a main focus and some contingency functions that are nice to have, and then there’s filler that should be cut as often as possible. Knowing which powers in a set or cards in a color are 5-star and which are duds -and why they don’t often work out as you’d like- can really help someone progress toward making their own builds. Unlike MtG, CoH doesn’t require PvP, so not everything has to be numerically efficient, and you can make up for a lot with pool powers and playstyle, but knowing where you’re making ‘crunch’ sacrifices for the sake of ‘flavor’, and how to compensate, should be helpful for everyone to get the most enjoyment out of their game time.
  14. When you post a build that you've already posted before, is that meant as an update? There are some you've repeated 2-4 times, but I haven't been able to examine them all to see what the differences are. Also, with some powersets, the names are too long to fit in the link. For example, Demon Summoning is long enough that the secondary is always cut off. I've been looking for your take on Demons/Pain as well as stuff like Robots/Traps, Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper, Archery/Trick Arrow Blaster, etc. The combinations that make sense together might be old hat for some, but not everyone got to play them back on live. Thanks for what you've shared so far, though!
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