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  1. Great idea! This would be great for exploration and history badges. There are a few Rogue Isles maps in which the compass often points the wrong way, so maybe this feature and a fix for that could be included in a future page update.
  2. So Flight, Concealment, Teleport, and Presence would be the pools to take, then? What epic/patron pool has the best AOE for masses of grey-cons for defeat badges?
  3. Does anyone use an alternate build for badging purposes? It seems like you'd want the flight and concealment pools for Flight, Afterburner, Invisibility, and Phase Shift (for those times when you can't avoid getting near high-perception mobs). Is there a way to get inside the Rikti mothership with Teleport, or if you can get a character in there, could they pull others to Unabashed with Teleport Target?
  4. Is there a slash command to set a map thumbtack at a specified coordinate string? If there is, we could create a popmenu to set each of the badge & plaque waypoints along a suggested path. Clicking the map to set thumbtack way points is fine, but that doesn't help with elevation layers, and in a few areas like the Shadow Shard, Hive, or PvP zones by the time you can see the badge, you've drawn aggro from a pack of high level mobs.
  5. Are there snow maps in AE? I liked the snowbound Croatoa and ice caves from the Baby New Year mission. Thank you for the directions.
  6. Are you running some kind of script to automate them or a controller that hits every button in rapid succession? Are you running multiple machines or tabbing between instances of CoH on the same one?
  7. There’s the wooden door back to Pocket D and a few stones used for the Father Time missions. Is the Winter Forest in one of those?
  8. I liked the frozen pond in the Winter Forest for that, but unfortunately it did not return to Null the Gull's list. I guess time travel is beyond him, and Ouroboros considers holidays to be too trivial.
  9. The top of the HC launcher has links to the HC Discord and this forum, but I think a link to HCWiki should be added. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Main_Page
  10. This is why there should be a TUNNEL portal in Kallisti Wharf, perhaps within the central building behind the statue. KW could be considered a 'future' zone, in an era after the refugee Praetorians have integrated into Primal Earth and hostilities between Paragon and The Rogue Isles have died down (explaining why there are no street mobs in the zone). Perhaps it's the future the Menders of Ouroboros are trying to steer toward, and the statue is not only a memorial to Statesman, but also a reformed Emperor Cole. This would truly make KW a Blue, Red, and Gold zone.
  11. This is what I have at the moment. I can move sets around, but I will not be mixing incomplete ones. Lillin: Level 50 Magic Class_Mastermind Character Profile: ------------------ Level 1: Inherent Inherent Brawl EMPTY Level 1: Inherent Inherent prestige_DVD_Glidep EMPTY Level 1: Inherent Inherent Sprint EMPTY Level 2: Inherent Inherent Rest Crafted_Interrupt (50) Level 2: Inherent Fitness Swift Crafted_Fly (50) Level 2: Inherent Fitness Hurdle Crafted_Jump (50) Level 2: Inherent Fitness Health Crafted_Heal (50) Crafted_Heal (50) Crafted_Heal (50) Level 2: Inherent Fitness Stamina Crafted_Recovery (50) Crafted_Recovery (50) Crafted_Recovery (50) Level 1: Mastermind_Summon Demon_Summoning Summon_Demonlings Superior_Attuned_Superior_Command_of_the_Mastermind_A (1) Superior_Attuned_Superior_Command_of_the_Mastermind_B (1) Superior_Attuned_Superior_Command_of_the_Mastermind_C (1) Superior_Attuned_Superior_Command_of_the_Mastermind_D (1) Superior_Attuned_Superior_Command_of_the_Mastermind_E (1) Superior_Attuned_Superior_Command_of_the_Mastermind_F (1) Level 6: Mastermind_Summon Demon_Summoning Enchant_Demon Crafted_Endurance_Discount (50) Level 12: Mastermind_Summon Demon_Summoning Summon_Demons Superior_Attuned_Superior_Mark_of_Supremacy_A (1) Superior_Attuned_Superior_Mark_of_Supremacy_B (1) Superior_Attuned_Superior_Mark_of_Supremacy_C (1) Superior_Attuned_Superior_Mark_of_Supremacy_D (1) Superior_Attuned_Superior_Mark_of_Supremacy_E (1) Superior_Attuned_Superior_Mark_of_Supremacy_F (1) Level 18: Mastermind_Summon Demon_Summoning Hell_on_Earth Attuned_Expedient_Reinforcement_A (1) Attuned_Expedient_Reinforcement_B (1) Attuned_Expedient_Reinforcement_C (1) Attuned_Expedient_Reinforcement_D (1) Attuned_Expedient_Reinforcement_E (1) Attuned_Expedient_Reinforcement_F (1) Level 26: Mastermind_Summon Demon_Summoning Summon_Demon_Prince Superior_Attuned_Soulbound_Allegiance_A (1) Superior_Attuned_Soulbound_Allegiance_B (1) Superior_Attuned_Soulbound_Allegiance_C (1) Superior_Attuned_Soulbound_Allegiance_D (1) Superior_Attuned_Soulbound_Allegiance_E (1) Superior_Attuned_Soulbound_Allegiance_F (1) Level 32: Mastermind_Summon Demon_Summoning Abyssal_Empowerment Crafted_Endurance_Discount (50) Level 47: Mastermind_Summon Demon_Summoning Lash Crafted_Accuracy (50) Level 49: Mastermind_Summon Demon_Summoning Crack_Whip Crafted_Accuracy (50) Level 1: Mastermind_Buff Pain_Domination Nullify_Pain Crafted_Heal (50) Crafted_Heal (50) Crafted_Heal (50) Crafted_Endurance_Discount (50) Crafted_Endurance_Discount (50) Crafted_Recharge (50) Level 2: Mastermind_Buff Pain_Domination Soothe Crafted_Heal (50) Crafted_Heal (50) Crafted_Heal (50) Crafted_Endurance_Discount (50) Crafted_Endurance_Discount (50) Crafted_Recharge (50) Level 16: Mastermind_Buff Pain_Domination Enforced_Morale Crafted_Recharge (50) Level 20: Mastermind_Buff Pain_Domination Soothing_Aura Attuned_Numinas_Convalesence_A (1) Attuned_Numinas_Convalesence_B (1) Attuned_Numinas_Convalesence_C (1) Attuned_Numinas_Convalesence_D (1) Attuned_Numinas_Convalesence_E (1) Attuned_Numinas_Convalesence_F (1) Level 28: Mastermind_Buff Pain_Domination World_of_Pain Crafted_Res_Damage (50) Crafted_Res_Damage (50) Crafted_Res_Damage (50) Crafted_ToHit_Buff (50) Crafted_ToHit_Buff (50) Crafted_ToHit_Buff (50) Level 35: Mastermind_Buff Pain_Domination Anguishing_Cry Crafted_Defense_DeBuff (50) Crafted_Defense_DeBuff (50) Crafted_Defense_DeBuff (50) Crafted_Accuracy (50) Crafted_Accuracy (50) Crafted_Recharge (50) Level 38: Mastermind_Buff Pain_Domination Painbringer Crafted_Heal (50) Crafted_Heal (50) Crafted_Heal (50) Crafted_Recovery (50) Crafted_Recovery (50) Crafted_Recovery (50) Level 4: Pool Sorcery Mystic_Flight Attuned_Winters_Gift_A (1) Attuned_Winters_Gift_B (1) Attuned_Winters_Gift_C (1) Level 0: Pool Sorcery Translocation Level 8: Pool Invisibility Stealth Crafted_Endurance_Discount (50) Crafted_Defense_Buff (50) Crafted_Defense_Buff (50) Level 14: Pool Invisibility Invisibility Crafted_Endurance_Discount (50) Level 10: Pool Teleportation Recall_Friend Crafted_Accuracy (50) Crafted_Accuracy (50) Crafted_Recharge (50) Level 22: Pool Leadership Defense Crafted_Endurance_Discount (50) Crafted_Defense_Buff (50) Crafted_Defense_Buff (50) Level 24: Pool Leadership Tactics Crafted_Endurance_Discount (50) Crafted_ToHit_Buff (50) Crafted_ToHit_Buff (50) Level 30: Pool Leadership Assault Crafted_Endurance_Discount (50) Level 41: Epic Mastermind_Mace_Mastery Scorpion_Shield Crafted_Endurance_Discount (50) Crafted_Defense_Buff (50) Crafted_Defense_Buff (50) Crafted_Defense_Buff (50) Level 44: Epic Mastermind_Mace_Mastery Power_Boost Crafted_Recharge (50) ------------------
  12. Will it have a 'favorites' list so once you have a color you like, you don't have to select it again? I would also be great to have a translucency setting, for ghostly characters and custom AE mobs.
  13. You're just threadcrapping at this point. Shared by Zeero on Discord for a Pistols/Time blaster: Tempo Trigger Trigger Discipline Pewtime Cannonade Stopwatch Hourblast Timepiece Chrono Commando Time Trooper Chronomarine Chronal Commando Chronoguard Final Hour Deja Vu / Deja Pew Man of the Hour Timewaster
  14. My Atlas Park badge route takes under 5 minutes for a peacebringer because of their innate flight, but shouldn't take too much longer for other characters who need a travel power from P2W first. They should get a running and a jumping power from P2W, or if they can afford it, a million-INF flight power. This is intended as an easy way to unlock Long Range Teleport. Go to the top of of the globe to get Top Dog, then the flag on top of city hall for Freedom. Go inside city hall to grab Patriot at the base of Cassiopeia's statue and Edge of Chaos in the D.A.T.A. room. Exit city hall, then hook around to the right, to get Hero Corps Insider. Continue NNW to the left side of the tree and the left side of the skyscraper beyond it. You should see a brick building to the north of that which has three roof levels, and on the east side of the lowest roof is Undefeated. Turn SW and aim for the left side of a skyscraper with ledges cut in around its windows. Beyond that, you should see a brick building with a small water tower, and on the ledge just south of the tower is Silent Sentinel. From there, aim at the right edge of the AE building and once past that, turn slightly more south toward the Vanguard building. Inside its west entrance and up the stairs on the left, is Observant.
  15. It was definitely well-attended, so much so that it was confusing to find the needle in a haystack when a judge was telling those in a category to line up near them. I think it would have been helpful to orient people around stationary objects on the map that are easier to recognize in a crowded zone. It would also be great to follow up with screenshots of the winners (costume and bio), because it was too crowded at the time to get a good look.
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