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  1. If you wanted to make costume changes for one character that uses the same emote each time, how much of that extremely long one do you actually need? And which parts are you free to rename? Say you have a Demon Summoning Mastermind who uses the EvilLaugh costume change emote. The various costumes have names relating to their theme, so there's Witch, Demon, Nephilim, Club, etc. Are we free to replace the text in quotes like "Demon" instead of "Costume slot 5"? Can the text in quotes after "menu" be changed to the character name or just "Costume", since I only need 10 options and they can all use the same emote? I currently use macros for each costume, but that will eventually take up the whole bar, and it would be nice to reduce that to a single macro button. I guess a popmenu for collecting some non-combat powers into a single macro would be nice too. Would this work? And then make a macro: /macro TP popmenu “Teleport”
  2. Movement auras are an example of what I'm calling a conditional costume piece. Auras which only appear in combat is another, and to a lesser degree the way a weapon or other held item stays out for a while is similar. Many wings animate when flight is toggled on. but are otherwise folded down. Could there be more conditional options? 1. Some movement auras only show when the character is on the ground, but others show even in flight, and get in the way. It would be nice to have an 'ground only' option. 2. Some wings might make more sense to only appear when flying, like the phoenix wings. You can achieve a similar effect by changing costumes, but this means using half your costumes for duplicates and changing back and forth is a bit of a pain which could be avoided if there were an "only while flying' option. 3. Some characters might want to have their weapon always showing, or showing whenever they're in combat, regardless of which power they've used last. Some powersets that don't necessarily need weapons might look good with one, like Dark Blast using something which looks and animates like the Blackwand prestige attack. Coming at it from another angle, it might be interesting to have costume changes triggered by other conditions. Since some costume parts have whole and 'shredded' versions, what about your top shifting to shredded when you're at 25% or less health? This is another way to deal with the phoenix wings, since your whole costume could change when flying or fighting. There are a lot of other possible uses for costume pieces changing when some condition is met, so comment with your ideas!
  3. It's not the font size I'm talking about. The Title above the character name, such as "The Fantastic" has a UI you access from trainers at levels 10+. The little pixels you have to click in order to set the coloration of the title are extremely tiny, and the font color defaults to black. The border of that font is also black, so there's no contrast. Most players don't see their own name above their head, so they don't realize that the 'awesome' title they chose is just an illegible dark blob. Personally, I'd really like the color selection UI for the title selector to be larger, so I don't literally have to pull out a magnifying glass to see which pixel I'm clicking on. Whose vision is as good as it was 15 years ago? And for everyone, it would be nice if there were some contrast to the border around the font of the above-name title. If the text defaults to black, let the border be white or a medium grey that contrasts with a lot of text colors.
  4. The mythology basically says "solve this numerology puzzle and you'll know what this obfuscated political polemic is about". The 666 and 616 versions both come to "Nero Caesar" when you use the numerology of the language that version was written in. Anyway, I guess The Beast has beast legs and therefore needs to cover his lack of junk.
  5. Whenever there's a mission that has 'abandon' disabled, I try "/leaveteam".
  6. Saying they're human-animal hybrids seems to assume the Science origin (comic book 'science', anyway). What about Mutant animals? Sure, the TMNT would have cloaca, but Splinter was a mammal. Then there are Magic-origin werecreatures or mythical things like minotaurs or satyrs. I thought that was Nero?
  7. I see a lot of mid-level characters with an illegible black blob above their heads, because the text defaults to black and the border is always black. Personally I find the color selection very hard to use, requiring magnification and luck to target the color I'm going for. Can the color selection UI be made larger for choosing a title? Could there be an option for setting the text border to white, so it contrasts with dark text? If the text defaults to black, maybe the border should default to white.
  8. I would think shorts would be more difficult, which is why I was thinking a loincloth might work, as it might be simpler. In the same way that trenchcoats and boleros were made with a sort of 'butt-cape' effect, maybe a loincloth could be a similar but narrower panel of cloth hanging in front. The Tails section might be the place to put it; loin-cape in front, tail covers the back.
  9. It’s not that I find the nakedness offensive, but more that the Ken-doll crotch just looks weird. A tattered monochromatic battle kilt works well enough for human legs, but it seems like monstrous/animal legs force one to be entirely pantless. Could a loincloth-like option be added to monstrous legs, or maybe a belt that has crotch covering? Many animal-legged characters also have a tail, so maybe the butt-covering should be optional.
  10. Demons/Pain seems like a classic to me, but I don't see any builds for it. Seems like Corruption, Lash, and Crack Whip are skippable, along with Share Pain and Conduit of Pain. The three toggles of Leadership seem good, and Mystic Flight plus Concealment seems useful. Beyond that...?
  11. I've had one email actually go through to another player, and it was someone I know is active. Everything else has gotten an "inbox full" response. Maybe they have email turned off, maybe they quit playing, maybe their inbox is flooded with AE mission comments, or maybe they're storing tons of stuff in their mail. Whatever the reason, I gave it up on that and on the idea of using names that sound like a 'superhero' alias.
  12. Then why is this topic of enough interest to you to bother reading or posting in? That makes it sound like you don't really care about naming. Those who lean more toward the story/roleplay side of things will care more. For those who are more into the mechanics, one "Superdude-x69x" plays about like any other.
  13. 1. Too many to list. It's not so much personal at this point, but the "use it or lose it" system has more long-term sustainability than the "first come, first served" one. It's a game; we're not talking about killing off native people to colonize their home, after all. 2. Because it's an obvious thing to do, especially for anyone who played in live and knows it will become increasingly difficult to name a character the longer they wait.
  14. Do the contacts and other NPCs use the @global part or ignore it? I've mostly given up on the whole idea of 'superhero' names and use Givenname Surname now, but it's weird to have everyone saying both names. Maybe when I'm jaded enough to no longer read anything NPCs say, that'll wear off.
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