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  1. My Stone/Psi comes to mind in this scenario. The damage output is fairly decent and with insight I get a pretty powerful hit, all things considered. I have not run into another Stone/Psi yet, so is fun to play. Also seeing a Granite armor tank jump is fun.
  2. I have a Bio/Staff tank and a Dark/Savage tank. For Staff I took every single attack chain because I could fit it in and I liked more attacks. On the dark armor side I skipped OP Gloom and Soul Transfer. Soul Transfer just because you can buy a similar power from the P2W vendor. OP Gloom I never really liked a power that you have to use your own HP to achieve a goal and while it does disorient I've found that with cloak of fear baddies are scared anyway plus have a -to hit so it's a win/win. Like Apparition said don't skip Serpent's Reach as it is a ranged and nice power. What else are you looking to do with the tank? Epic set? I did not take an epic with my Bio/Staff tank as I focused more on the leadership set and with Staff (even though the animation to pull it out is short) I have the idea of putting it away for like an AoE fireball.
  3. I've got a Psi Melee which I do enjoy and is quite fun. I've seen Claws and Savage on some before since the recharge on Claws is quick and Savage has the TP attack. Staff can give you the bonus of additional damage with the toggle on. Just don't do stone melee. Learned that one back on live lol.
  4. Appreciate the suggestions and help all!
  5. I'd keep it as a scrapper. You've already listed the pro/cons of the def vs. damage, but outside of that criticals for scrappers are way better than what a tank has to offer on the opposite side. Plus with IO's, Incarnate, and Accolades you can pretty well tank anyway.
  6. Hello fellow tankers! Looking for some help on my current build. Looking to improve def/resis where I can while still packing a decent punch. I'm overall satisfied with the build, but I feel I'm missing something and it could be better. Any suggestions are appreciated. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1528&c=731&a=1462&f=HEX&dc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