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  1. Hi all, i ended up having go through Dean's Arc through Ouro completely again twice. I already had completed it and had the badge for his arc. When i redid the arc through the first time he wasnt showing up on my screen as a contact. I relogged and then re did the arc again. For some reason it then worked. I also redid Vince's arc completely again (after having already done it with badges) and for some reason that worked. No clue but finally did it. I bet it has something to do with doing the requisite arcs through ouro. Cheers.
  2. OK ill redo the requisite arcs again. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your responses. Im stumped too. It should work and I did try Mr G through a normal mission path and not through Ouro. Dean didnt come up. Darmian, did you do the Dean and Vincent arcs through Ouro or as a normal contact before Mr G?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I tried this (screen shot) and showed that i already completed his requisite arc and received the badge. He wont talk to me and i am in-between missions. I double checked and he did not include any dialogue in the mission. This is during an ouro arc since I had the same issue with the normal Mr G route. I redid the entire Dean arc even though i did it before. I even tried talking before the helicopter mission just to make sure and he wouldnt talk with me. I am totally dense and missing the boat?
  5. Hi, just been trying to work through two badges that seem to have some problems. They are the "Remember their friends" and "Honorary Bro" badges. within the Mr G arc. I have completed both requisite arcs from Dean MacArthur and Vincent Ross; collecting the badges associated with those arcs. I did both Dean and Vincent through Ouro since i am lvl 50. I first tried Mr G's arc through Ouro and followed the instructions for the badges via the wiki page. I also went through Mr G's in the normal arc. In both cases, Dean did not come up in the cut scene dialogue and he wouldn't talk to me in-between missions. Also, Vincent was not present anywhere on the map in the fourth mission. I even tried clicking on all the doors within the mission before taking down the final boss. Ive tried doing the mission, exiting and relogging, redoing the mission both in regular and through Ouro, etc... still no avail. Any thoughts or anyone have the same problem? Thanks in advance.
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