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  1. Hi all, I have recently started playing coh again and I am still a bit noob. My current character is a STONE GRANITE / SS. I was wondering if it is better to raise some DEFENSE further or try to raise the PSIONIC RESISTANCE as much as possible. In my current build I have 90% of all RESISTANCE except PSIONIC at the expense of some DEFENSE (in particular ranged, melee and AOE). Focusing on PSIONIC RESISTANCE I can slightly exceed 80%, I should follow this approach or lower it a little in favor of DEFENSE (tanged, melee, aoe, fire, cold). Since I have no idea about the end game, I wou
  2. Thank you, interesting spec
  3. Hi all, I would like to know what you think about this build. And if you have any suggestions to increase the speed in granite armor without modifying the build too much. Boulderock 2 - Tanker (Stone Armor).mxd
  4. Hi, first of all I am not very expert in theory crafting, so I was inspired by several builds that I found around (especially those of Bopper). The idea is to create a pure tank that is very resistant and difficult to kill (the dps does not interest me much) and I liked the idea of doing it all connected to the powers of the earth (Stone / Stone / Earth). In the build that you post there are no enhancements because on this particular point, as on the incarnate, I wanted to have your suggestions. The goal is to make me a pure tank that is very resistant and with decent mobility, since I wi
  5. I always played a Stone Tanker and i love it. I like how granite armor works and the malus to movement. Using a slow and clumsy behemoth for me is a part of the fun of playing a Granite Tank. I think movement restrictions are right to characterize this type of character. For this reason I would prefer that the granite armor continues to function as always. As for the possibility of choosing new models, I totaly agree and I would like to suggest making them a little bigger than the original model.
  6. Sorry for the noob question: atfer you slot all the run speed enhancements in all the movement powers of the build, in order to move faster in granite armor, you need to activate something or there is a passive bonus to movement that start to work when you activate granite armor? Thank you.
  7. Just a question, i like this spec but i would to take teleport foe too. I remember, when i played this game eons ago, that teleport foe was quite usefull in pvp. So what of these power i could change in this spec to take teleport foe? Thank you and sorry for my bad english.
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