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  1. I dont have it in my current plant/earth, but just wondering if people like it? I dont see it doing a whole lot for the end, but it can do the -res proc...
  2. Aside from being super unpopular (aesthetically), it also seems to have some power-reducing bugs with Frigid Shield... So anyways, I know you can (sorta) easily get capped S/L/E/N - but it leaves your Fire/Cold defense kind of weak (though you passively have 75% cold resist just by existing). IB gives you maxed pretty much all resists except Psi - but it seems with Frigid shield being so weak, you won't get much out of the set?
  3. They'd have to do some serious imbalance stuff to make redside get people - like adding another 100% bonus for villains for exp or inf, lol...
  4. I have one. It's ranged only... lol
  5. Thanks, I am going to give a rad (it's a little more 'exciting' than elec) for now... if I find end to be a problem, I'll be remaking again lol... (I AE farm to 50+60emp and then try them out and reroll if I don't like it)... I just get really concerned at Endurance (again, I HATE having to throttle for it). So I HOPE Rad can give me enough to get through...!
  6. 🙂 I have 6 different 50s with sonic, I'm just trying to spread my wings a little
  7. So build wise, I end up with something like Electric: 75% S/L/E/F/C 51.5% N 64% Psi 11.8% Toxic WITH MUSCULATURE Rad: 75% S/L/F 69.9% Energy 57.1% Negative 43.9% Cold 30.3% Psi 70.4% Toxic WITH CARDIAC (+resist) Both have similar Defense values (soft capped melee/s/l, 20-30% elsewhere - but rad has lower damage due to incarnate. Obviously, electric wins with defensive stats/damage(not considering the addition of a 290 pbaoe) -- but how does the rest of the set compare? Basically, trading 20% recharge power sink Energize for a pbaoe mini-nuke (slotted for set bonus, not procs) Absorb shield/Recovery buff Radiation therapy (not sure how much end recovery this adds-does it need acc? mids doesnt list an acc but it takes enhancements...) Gamma boost With all the psi damage later in the game (illusion people, arachnos) the psi resistance being so high on elec intrigues me -- but I also experienced a LOT of endurance drain on my former stalker (/regen lol) from mobs that resulted in bad times... so the EndDrain Resist intrigues me of electricity... but it kind of seems like Rad might have enough endurance recovery/cardiac in the above to be pretty stable overall (and it looks like Gamma Boost has 57% resistance to drains?) and not have to worry about it? (I HATE running out of end/having to watch the bar, so keep that in mind). So the question is - um, are the things rad bringing going to outweigh the things electricity are bringing? It seems if i want resist elec is pretty darn strong at it.... so it SEEMS more survivable, but rad has the absorb/regen to help too.... cannot decide!
  8. I like it on my Cor... but only cuz it gives me (and the team, I guess...) unlimited Endurance for the primary. lol I do think it was "bad design" to try to use a pet to bounce it, rather than doing a self-casted (single target aoe heal on self type thing) that bounces... using the sentinel pet thing is just clunky.
  9. A sample Necro/Sonic build for end drain.. 2.73recovery with 2.04/s drain.... if you add in repulsion it goes up to 2.9s drain, lol XD
  10. Yah it's so unfortunate :(. I just can't find a way to justify playing FF where it feels I have a dump of a secondary... either way, I started to build the cold (Very VERY passively) levels... it's 20/60 for emp merits (to get a t4 alpha).... ;( the good news is i can rip straight from the FF to the cold and now i'll have enough extra inf from just AE farming its levels to pay for one of my other builds after, lol
  11. In a gasp of horror, to be a sapper proactively you could swap obliteration for preemptive on short circuit and switch to musculature radial. That'd lower your damage on aoe by 40 (60), but increase it's end drain from 40% to 77% and keep you soft capped on negative. Not that I would, but you could. lol
  12. Horrible ineffective slotting
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