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  1. Oh, I hate finding elephants in my rice pudding. And worse in my peanut butter.
  2. I must have blocked it all out... was it that bad?
  3. I usually play with no sound turned on. I didn't know there WAS voice in the Galaxy City tutorial... Now I have to try it just to feel your pain.
  4. I have nobody on ignore. My version of ignore is to not look at the chat window. I am really good at it I guess, because nobody has bothered me enough to get put on ignore...
  5. Un Reunion I have my own base to get around. It isn't as fancy as those public ones, but gets the job done. I haven't created or joined a SG on Excelsior yet, my new home, but I have some of the other mentioned transports on most of my alts so I can get around.
  6. Quoted for annoyance... is it working? 😝 But seriously, I have no beef with the new page. Mmmm, beef...
  7. This may be a noob question, but why is there 2 Kings Rows on my list? It appeared fairly recently. I was assuming it had to do with server population, but no other maps have duplicated for me. Any ideas?
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