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  1. Doldrums of summer, eh? I did my bit, gotta keep Paragon City alive!
  2. Ringo


    I was thinking of rolling a new Blaster. I have a 50 Psychic/Temporal, and I've got a smattering of Sentinels, so the ranged set I think I want to play with is Archery. I just don't know what to pair it with! /Temporal is out. And I'll arbitrarily throw out /Dark as well because I never want to Shadow Maul anything ever again. I was looking at /Nin but it looks very lackluster. So what would you all recommend and why?
  3. EDIT 7/19/19 - SCROLL DOWN TO POST #13 SEE MY LATEST BUILD FOR JENNY! Just thought I'd share my level 50 build for you guys. Leveling this build can be a bit of a pain as your TTK speed is slow until you get all your AoEs together, and you'll never be that great at killing bosses quickly. But once you do get your AoEs, you can set your solo difficulty to no bosses, x8 spawns and never look back. Only things to watch out for are Longbow Wardens, Rikti Mentalists, and Nemesis - they're all going to rebuff your confuse opener which can make things more difficult. Seeds>Roots>Fr
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