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  1. Anybody else think it would be cool to be able to toggle each power between fist and blade animations? I have characters that don't look right with the mix of both that they give you.
  2. I did not. I had two level 50's back in the day, and I am letting them rest. I might make new toons with the same powersets someday, but not yet. I did remake a handful of toons that I didn't get to play with enough, though.
  3. In case you guys haven't heard it enough, you are seriously appreciated. And coming back to this game a couple of weeks ago after being gone for years, it's great to see that the community is still the best!
  4. Well, I just checked back into the game a couple of weeks ago, and I miss my Triumph players! I was: Mr. Uganda - Global Heroics Mu'shroom - Fusion Force Polar Fury - Wildcards Thermablaze Chalk and more! If you know me, feel free to message me here in the forums, or hit me up in game @NakDaddy. I play mostly on Everlasting.
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