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  1. I only clear mind the blasters to be honest. Maybe the corruptors/controllers if I remember, but blasters get top priority from me. And if there's a lot of blasters, then i usually CM the one that has the most kitted out build or tries to get the most damage. I haven't played my emp in a while though, but it really is fun watching a pro blaster with empathy buffs completely annihilate everything
  2. I don't think supports need help at all. Even if self buffing shields are possible and cut to +1% unenhanceable defense/+2% resistance, that makes a huge difference to the more serious build makers. Many defender builds have the capability to reach both a res cap and soft cap defenses as of right now. All shield buff support sets get the option to load powers with global enhancements already, from LotG muling to Steadfast Protection depending on the type of shield.
  3. I would love a set like this. I enjoy playing my VEATs but I've always wanted to have their leadership auras on something like an archery corruptor. I think in the actual game universe, the Natural origin is pretty stretched. Seems like a lot of psychic powers stem off Natural, e.g. Fortunata/Widows (who were forced Natural before homecoming). Bane Spiders too apparently have latent psychic powers.
  4. It doesn't have any at all, ever since they changed ST buffs to be AoE now
  5. I would like to see a dual effect for force bolt. Against enemy: stay the same. Targeting an ally: they gain absorb shield. Though this might be really hard to program in...
  6. Most of the end problems I encounter on my Storm characters are from Lightning Storm, which has a ridiculous end cost. On my Ill/Storm, it took about 25% of my end bar, or at least an enormous portion of it. What makes it worse, a lot of people - including me - prefer to proc load it which leaves little room for END redux enhancements. I don't mind the blue bar problems though, it would be too powerful of a set without it All of this is counting the obvious of knowing when to (not) use Hurricane, though
  7. I used to lead radio missions but they are pretty boring and so many leave on first mission that I'm constantly spamming LFG. I don't think I've joined a radio mish in a long time anyway I do lead TFs from time to time. They are good EXP (even if rushed), the team has a static set of missions that they all (silently) agree to do and commit on finishing, and they provide random badges. Of course some people have left on emergency notice but that's rare. It's all goes down to if I'm interested in doing a TF and no one is advertising (I lead) or if there is already an LFG
  8. I had to take Cardiac in my Mind/Fire dom and even then I still run out of endurance if I'm being reckless with blasting. Might be the nature of the snipe having a quite large end cost and now sets with snipes usually fit it into a normal rotation. OTOH, earth and ice secondaries don't feature a snipe, but toggles Also, at permadom or chasing it, our recharge is very high and consequently, the buttons to push are ready much faster
  9. VEATs don't really need a lot of help, and I say this with my Widow(3 fully IOd builds) having 100+ vet levels along with a Huntsman at 38. A few of my suggestions would be: Get rid of the weapon swapping. Some people say it's not a problem but that's not my experience. My Huntsman switches to bare hands -> mace -> gun on a very frequent basis, along with my Melee Fortunata build switching in claws constantly Very slight buff to ranged Fortunata damage. Currently, so many people rate it as one of the "worst" performing EAT builds not counting the somew
  10. A little goes a long way for Mind. Small tweaks to CDs would help immensely. Reduce Mass Confusion CD, possibly reduce it's duration in turn. On the other hand, I'd like to see some kind of synergy with Mass Hypnosis and Terrify. Maybe have a new effect where targets slept by Mass Hypnosis that get hit by Terrify get a Nightmare pop up, causing more psi damage and a guaranteed immobilize.
  11. Might be different for you. I play a Fire/Time blaster that blaps occasionally. Thanks to Fire being mostly ranged, I just focused on hitting about 32% ranged defense. I prefer resists even on my squishies, so I use a resist epic shield and put most of my set bonuses into recharge while slightly chasing S/L/E resistance (not too focused though)
  12. I haven't read the whole thread but here's my tip: get our of your small tiny TF bubble and join some teams doing obscure content. I had the pleasure of joining a +2/x8 levelling team in first ward that was <6 teammates. It was challenging and fun, definitely not a steam roll. Here's the more wacky thing, most of is we're pretty IO'd out and we still kept getting beaten down.
  13. I hope you are not confusing them with me lol. Solo-ing as a mind/fire is a very different experience than going solo on mind/energy, especially with the lack of a decent AoE. On my mind/energy, I had a lot damage luxuries thanks to Whirling Hands which in turn changed my build set up massively especially since energy likes to go up front and heavy. Being able slot in FF +rech was great advantage too, i was able to reach perma dom even at Synapse TF. With my mind/fire, I opt for more range and have to play pick-a-part because combustion is bleh and fireball from the APP
  14. I noticed this too. I made my character ~5ft 10in which is average where I live for males. I noticed every single NPC towered over me
  15. I use it in Mass Confusion. I have confuse slotted with Coercive Persuasion already. Malaise confusion set has a damage proc and it disrupts the anti-aggro nature of the ability. Very helpful in solo clearing +4/8 which I do a lot : focus on one mob, while mass confusion works on the next one. I don't really care much for exp loss as the mob usually kills itself without me landing a hit. I don't get to stack the bonus +dmg, but whatever.
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