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  1. Yeah, altitis is a problem and impediment to proper badging. 🙂 Lemming, that's IMPRESSIVE. I'm a hair under the 1250 mark now. Punched out Barracuda and Mortimer Kal. Also realized that I can apparently get 2 badges instead of 1 for completion of the Shauna Braun arc in different ways, so I'll revisit that one when I finally move back to blueside. I'm in the middle of the 30-34 redside set in Ouros, so it'll still be a bit. All the patron arcs are going to take some time. Oh, and I managed to figure out that the ??? one in my Gladiators set is for Mu Guardians, so I can gradually pop that one, too. Progress. Onwaaaaaaaards!!!!!
  2. Lunch, I've got most of the ones in those trees - just missing the topmost ones. Maybe part of it is the invuln? I don't take as much damage overall? And katana is fast, but not as big of a hitter as broadsword or mace, for instance. I'll get'em, though. Just takes some time and farming through CoT minions smackin' me while I Rest for long periods, and leaving autofire on a certain Ouro mission to farm damage dealt overnight(s). 🙂
  3. Hullo, all, Just generally sharing. My goal is to get to 1500, but not necessarily to get ALL the badges in the game. So I'm at a smidge over 1200 so far on my main, favorite character, Neoblade (Excelsior server). Currently at vet level 67. Kat/invuln scrapper. All history badges done. All exploration badges done. Most of the defeat badges completed. Fully completed all blueside content through Ouro, as well as all goldside content. Currently working my way through redside content, just about done with the lvl20-24 range arcs. I did some stuff to complete some of the harder/longer badges - got all the healing badges, the mentoring ones, the held/mezzed ones. Still working on influence, damage taken, and damage delivered badges, but getting there on them, too. Also have all the reject inspiration badges and the reject 500 recipes badge (still working on the reject 1k recipes badge). Even managed to get all the AE badges, including that 8-man testing a mission one. All Day Jobs completed. Got all the Halloween, Holiday, and Spring Fling badges. Will grab the yearly badges when they come up again in the annual anniversary thing. Still need to come full circle on alignment, but that'll have to wait 'til redside Ouro content is done. Have done ALL Safeguard mission stuff, but need to still do the Mayhem mission stuff. Think I have all strikeforce/task force badges, except for LRSF and Barracuda. Oh, and the first treespec. I could probably use some guidance on SBB, DFB, DIB, and iTrials - haven't really messed with any of that yet, and I hear there's badges there to be had. Also, a few ???? badges (one I know is the 'talk to people' one in the Marchand arc, but another is a gladiator badge I can't seem to figure out. Any and all advice on those items appreciated. Badgers, unite! 🙂
  4. Back here as well - did discover that there WAS a pending Windows patch, so I figure my issue was either that or the backbone in Dallas thing someone mentioned (I'm in AR, it'd make some sense, I suppose). But issue resolved for me, good luck with the rest of you, too! 🙂
  5. Of course, a shiny nickel says that when I wait a bit, this problem ends up resolving itself somehow. Still, here goes: Basics: Win10 64bit, laptop with a mobile GPU, forget the exact make of processor/GPU, but both are well within basic specs for the game. Playing this am on Excelsior redside, no issues, suddenly got mapserved. Couldn't reconnect. Tequila will open (shows "error retrieving shard status" at the bottom), can get to login page, can't get past that point to server selection page. Server status here on the forums seems to be fine, my internet connection itself is fine. Can still surf around/get to other pages, so internet hardware seems okay. Reboot. Same issue. Verify Tequila. Same issue. Try making sure I don't have any pending updates or anything. Nope. All good there. Anyone have any thoughts/ideas? Given that the server status page is showing green lights, and numbers are fluctuating there, I'm thinking it's something on my end. The odd part is the internet connection being okay, and this suddenly happening specifically to CoH only. Makes me think it's something more out of the ordinary, a little trickier to diagnose and repair. 😕
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