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  1. Got Knight Errant today for the Paladin kill! And making solid progress through the various Arena badges for rated matches, but my 2nd account highest badge helper character is only lvl20. I may need to recruit a lvl50 in-game to assist. Hopefully there are some likeminded badgers in need.
  2. 1426! Got the popmenu badge tracker mod thing working, which was really helpful in figuring out which ones I was missing (both the easy and hard ones). Ground my way through the gladiator arena stuff, a few easy ones I was missing (Chatterbox, Denial of Service). Need to see about the Praetorian Zone Events (for Laureate, Protester, and Takedown Artist badges). I'm hoping they can be done with a lvl50 for ease of getting'em. And the Brickstown Freakshow event for Probation Denied and Valet - gotta see about that event, not sure what you do for it.
  3. Making some good progress again - believe I'm at 1419, with a few more about to come in soon. Been making the push on some of the PvP ones (just not the AV kills - going to need to try to assemble a team of like-minded badgers for those, I fear...). Think I'm going to fiddle with the badge tracking items listed up above, see if any of them can give me some clarity on what I'm still missing.
  4. Trying to get a feel on the best way to do the RV badges. I grab a heavy and do as many pillboxes as I can stand in a go. I don't think the pillbox badges will be too hard, just a bit of a grind - but is there a better way to get a heavy, dismiss it quickly, and get another one? I tried the "dismiss" command, but it doesn't seem to actually cause them to go away. And, of course, I'm dreading trying to summon and defeat the various AVs and Heroes for the badges. Might need to try to pull together a team of like-minded badgers for that task.
  5. These badge trackers looked a little more tech-heavy than I was expecting. I still think I can handle them, but it might take some tinkering. I'm usually just tech-savvy enough to get myself INTO trouble first, and then OUT of that trouble with additional tinkering. I do appreciate you pointing them out to me, though.
  6. Good tip on that Swiss Draw thing, man, appreciate it. 1408! Got my MSR badges wrapped up, and someone was very kind and taught me the run-through of the SBB. It looks like it just awards all the role badges at once now? I got'em all after I just ran as the hitter. I'm getting concerned, though - I tallied up what I think I have left, and I don't think it'll actually run up to 1500. I need to work the iTrials for the "master of..." badges, and a few of those strike forces/task forces that'll give it. But even then, it looks like I might fall about 40 short. I'm wonderin
  7. 1364! Cleared out the Incarnate CoT and Tsoo Ancestor Spirit badges this morning. I think I'm going to have to dip into the PvP/Arena/Gladiator match ones. I dislike that stuff intensely, but I think it'll have to be done if I want to hit 1500. I managed to already get a couple of the arena ones that require assistance with a few other badgers, but I might need to go try to control Heavies and such in RV, match myself up against myself in my 2nd account, etc. I think there's a few badges for just doing the contact missions in the PvP zones, so I'll pursue that, too.
  8. 1355! Nearly done with all the Mayhems. 4/10 Arson side missions, but I know where the one in Peregrine mayhem is now, so that won't take too long. And I pulled in the Vandal badge this am. Need to still keep whackin' the citizens, though. 1000 of them is a lot. Daily Rikti raids are getting me some progress on Master At Arms and Demolitionist, but I occasionally manage to miss a kill/click for one or the other during a raid. Progress is slowing, but still there. I hear that you can purchase all the back Vet yearly badges when the Anniversary event happens,
  9. Yup, just got the Whip Cracker one through that. Sounds like I might need to either dig a little more on one to use in the upper level range, or use a 2nd account to get another toon into the correct level range to get the Eye of the Storm mission, though.
  10. Thought this might be helpful, too, on 2 badges that I had trouble tracking down info for (going to go try to get'em shortly): Whip Cracker: Lvl20-29 alignment mission named Eldritch Summoning Script, Villain/Rogue side will pop the one needed up to lvl50, apparently. Eye of the Storm: Not sure on level, but it's apparently a Hero/Vigilante side one, look for either Destroy the Bomb Triggers or Recruitment Flier. These are the ones for defeating Desdemona and Maelstrom, respectively. Good luck, fellow badgers! 🙂
  11. Managed to pull in the Master of Tinpex ones tonight, with the help of a good group leader. But yeah, I feel you on the content stuff. This game is just LOADED with goodies. Easy to blow by them if you're speedrunning everything.
  12. Ooooooh, found a good trick to get a tough one - the Mu Guardians defeat 100 badge. Turns out that the 3rd Scirocco arc has a mission that is an easy map, with 4 "Mu Traitors" on it that are Mu Guardians. Set it to 0/1, no bosses, trot it and pop just the 4 Mu Guardians. Exit to character select, rinse repeat until you get the number needed for the badge. It's not super pleasant, as you have to repeat a lot - but it's easy, safe, and seems like a good way to get this badge. I was having trouble finding enough of them out in the open world areas, and they seemed to only
  13. 1323 currently! Managed to stumble onto a Caleb team and get that one punched out. Progress is definitely slowing, but I'm still hopeful that I can make it to 1500 total without TOO much difficulty. Missed one on a Mr. G arc, but I can Ouro it if necessary. Sitting at vet level 80. Onwaaaaards!
  14. Still churning, but a FL beach trip (responsibly, of course - I'm a microbiologist) delayed things a bit. At 1305 right now, after a quick BAF that earned me 2 of the 4 badges there, and alllllmost completing the last of the Ouros badge-getting steps in the 50 range. Still need to punch out the actual flashbacks in the 50 range, but once I do, I can head back to Hero alignment, getting that badge for coming full circle. So....progress! Slow, agonizing progress - but some fun doing it all, anyway. 🙂
  15. Got waylaid a bit by a case of altitis, but I'm back at it! I like the order of completion that Glacier suggests, although I've already done a few out of that order so far. I'm currently on redside Ouros stuff, in the late 30s rounds. Going to complete all flashbacks redside before returning to blue as a vigilante (already completed all blue and gold flashbacks). Then I think I'll start messing with some of the easier to get PvP badges. I dislike PvP intensely, but I may need to suck it up and just do it if I want to hit 1500. The vet levels and various defeat ones I'm
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