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  1. really love the way you used the patterns on the upper body and legs, gives a constellation sort of effect.
  2. I just wanna say that I really love what you did with this, I wasn't even aware of the radiance design options on the ascension pieces of gear until now, and you really integrated them well into this sort of tech samurai-esque design.
  3. Since Skyraider inspiration has been brought up, may as well show off my own Skyraider-inspired costume. Piloted by Starsmite, an electrical melee/energy aura scrapper. I first wanted to make a flying-oriented melee character, and ended up settling on a Skyraider-esque tech background. I've always found the Skyraider getups really interesting and cool, as well as their sort-of-twins, the Goldbrickers, so I also made a Goldbreaker-inspired costume, though I haven't created a character for it yet. And lastly, here's a bit of a change of pace to a costume I'm w
  4. I'm a bit late but I can imagine him saying something like: "Don't thank me, thank the invisible hand of the market!"
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