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  1. Sorry, I think I misinterpreted what you were suggesting. You also understood it would be difficult to keep any kind of automatic donation system from generating too much revenue to be considered nonprofit, even though you'd be happy to subscribe to such a thing if it were possible (as would I, having again missed the window to donate to server upkeep and other related costs). Now that I think about it, what WOULD be great, is if we could contribute sequentially, rotating through everyone who wishes to donate each month, so everyone gets a chance to "cycle through," capping the max donation at, say, $20/month. That way everyone who could afford to contribute could do so, and those with excess funds would be contributing the max amount every time they cycled through.
  2. Then what you mean is that the folks running Homecoming should try and earn a profit running servers that utilize the intellectual property that still belongs to NCSoft by allowing a subscription service? You do realize that if they went that far, NCSoft would almost certainly take legal action and shut Homecoming down altogether, right?
  3. Thanks for getting us all back online! Checked everything by finishing that TF and having zero lag/mapserver errors during the entire thing. Netgraph stats were also clean, as one would expect from the aforementioned performance. 🙂
  4. Servers won't be up until you see more than 3 people on any given one at a time. Anything less and it's testing.
  5. The only problem I foresee is currently they are simply covering costs. All money that goes in, goes directly to the server costs, nothing more, nothing less. A sub service would almost certainly generate excess funds. While that would be fine for future extension costs (new shards, for instance), it would almost certainly be excessive to keep them out of the nonprofit category.
  6. A likely story! In truth, Derek is over in Faultline buying out all the doughnuts for months into the future... We see you, Derek!
  7. Well, login server went down, so either that means OVH just started working on the issue, or we're getting close to having things up and running again (or both). 😄
  8. Seven years and one day FAR too long is what it is! 😉
  9. Wow, think of all that time you're going to have to play CoH. I am incredibly jealous. Enjoy your much deserved break from the work force. 🙂
  10. Why is my City of Heroes dow.... oooh! Doughnuts!
  11. One of these days, the donations are going to be so fast and furious, we're going to have the next month covered before they can close it down, you just wait and see!
  12. Thank you so much for sharing the details of what is going on. I, for one, am happy to donate what I can if you find a better, but more expensive, alternative. (Nothing crazy, but I'll weigh the total cost against the number of likely contributors). Oh, and just to be clear, this won't be a one time donation, but a recurring one. 😉
  13. Your sympathies are appreciated and reciprocated if you've suffered a similar pain in your CoH career. 🙂
  14. We were about halfway done with ours. Hurts so bad, especially on a clear all...
  15. This is the way OVH upsells their products. "Oh, you wanted 100% uptime instead of 99.9%?! Get THESE servers here for an extra few grand a month and you'll have buttery smooth bandwidth for days!" 😉
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