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  1. I still don't understand this Ideaology. One is elec. Secondary is End mod. Damage says "10" One is Ice, Secondary is slow. Damage says: "10" Verdict: Elec does less damage. Wut? 1 power or two may need to be fixed, but it's really fallacious to say that Elec is aggressively weak in comparison to their contemporaries. That's my 2 cents, despite most of this conversation about KM
  2. With how well the GM's and the Development team have been going about successfully making relatively bug-free updates and patches. I'd say you guys should worry a little less about how things are being handled. However I don't think you're incorrect, based on what I've seen and experienced, stalkers shouldn't be getting nerfed like this, but perhaps This is a really good time to do some number crunching and put forward some really good focussed feedback to improve the performance of the class and power sets instead of just getting angry.
  3. I find it really tiresome to get people to play synergistically. I once had people rage quit because I asked them to Clear Counter clock wise, and instead they just jumped up and down the middle and dying a whole bunch. And they were the tanks so Our defenders kept dying over and over too (What makes it even more sour is I was perfectly capable of solo clearing it, but the added people who refused to comply just made it a complete mess, I just wanted to spread the exp love damn it and get through it faster). So I usually just ask to join groups or help those who may need it. I listen closely a
  4. Played the game too long ago and on a PC far too crappy to know enough about the mechanics to know when things were changed or nerfed. I did eventually stop playing and came back sporadically, but not long enough to learn new systems and changes. I was too busy trying to find a game that was as fun as COH was ironically enough. Very few games really match up, even now. I've played quite a lot of MMO's and as Old school as this one is, it's still one of the best out there for almost everything you want to do in an MMO. Nerfs be damned, COH offered a lot over time to cover the problems they caus
  5. In an IDEALISED environment. There would be no separate character server to divide or transfer to. Only shards you can actively join. If these shards are capable of actively being joined (Like Path of exile) Then Server location, time zones, and the like are dictated by the shard, not the Character server, allowing everyone. ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE who plays City of Heroes: Homecoming. To play with absolutely everyone. Allowing people to make the choice of where/when/how to play. This does come some some caveats that are built upon the foundation of CoX fundamental aspects (Market prices and eco
  6. I literally have no idea how this affects what I've said, or what it has to do with a single Server and Shard system.
  7. Only thing that is bad about brutes is the mentality people have while playing them. This mentality is also prone to affect behaviour on other AT's if they spent a lot of time as a Brute. It isn't necessary to OVER-PULL. STOP AGGRO DUMPING ON ME I'M TRYING TO EAT.
  8. And that's why it's a fundamental assumption of CoH I think should be reconsidered. Why not 1 big server? Why not a revamp of How names work and @Handles work? it's only complicated now because it wasn't considered initially.
  9. "Everlasting" would be a shard on a single super server. This would actually benefit people who want to go and ROle play and those who would like to take a break, by swapping to a different shard.
  10. This is a complicated topic, as some fundamental aspects of the game are inherent to technological limitations of the engine/code. But, I think there are a few barriers that are "FUndamental" that can be broken down perhaps. I hope I don't somehow create controversy with this: Servers. They need to go. This is an MMO fundamental more so than a COH fundamental, but the servers should be unified in a configuration that allows players to server hop. I was rather disappointed when more servers got added causing the player base to be split as new servers were added. Yes HC is the Largest
  11. I would love to help, but I've been High-end Elec so long I'm not sure what's going wrong. Some builds have certain level windows where their effectiveness is pretty lacklustre, and when you're maxed out it's difficult to remember when that is, as for most builds, maxing out makes you nigh unstoppable in PVE content(case in point vs an AV where End Drain WILL rarely be an option: ). Are these level 40 end mods SO's or IO's? I'm sure you're 50 now as I don't frequent these boards enough. But if you ever need help, I can do what I can. Although I'm on Torchbearer. However, in V
  12. I'll admit I don't pay attention. I'm a bit of a "Can I make this work?" sort of guy, and story comes 2nd.... or even 3rd. However, I've been trying to really pay more attention to everything in order to garner new enjoyment. But if I was to say what I Notice the most, is in-mission dialogue. It is usually in my face enough for me to notice/see it. The dialogue boxes / menu of COH are a bit wall-o-texty for my attention span. This is a personal fault, but still.
  13. Has it really been 17 years? Damn... I can feel the wrinkles.
  14. You're right, I meant I have mine boosted over 100% (Which is 75.25%) pair that with a Ball lightning and it gets the job done. But I generally don't use it without power boost. Which highlights the issue you said. The primary relies on Power boost. I guess in a lot of ways I've played Elec/Energy so Long I disregard the third blast. Because I always end drain in an instant and nothing recovers from it. In a lot of ways it's a Bit over powered in most situations. PB-SC and all you took was a tiny amount of damage. But without PB you're looking at a ton of incoming damage regardless. How
  15. I think they are in the pillar's. Pretty sure I saw them in there.
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