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  1. Hey guys, decided to roll a poison/beam rifle defender, honestly seemed like a match made in heaven to me. All the -regen of BR and all the debuffs of poison just stacking on each other for fast AV/GM kills. Been trying to find a build on the forums and not having much luck. Before I take a crack at it (never made a defender before, or anything that wasnt just pure offense) anyone have a build that they like that they can share?
  2. Actually made 3 doms just because i wasn't able to decide on one that i liked more. Thanks for all the advice, I went with Earth/Earth just because its a lot of melee and im used to it. Then i went Dark/Martial because i thought it was an interesting combo, and its 2 powersets i actually havent tried on any AT yet. Last combo was Plant/Savage since i have been seeing a lot of it on the forums and its gotta be good if thats the case.
  3. Hello Everyone, So I've been running through the dominator forums a lot because I've been wanting to make one, but IDK where to start honestly. I usually play melee toons, every now and then ill pop in a range toon (not against them at all, just noticed ive been running melee a lot). The main problem is that I just cant figure out what power set combos are good and bad. I noticed if i go into a new AT with random powersets and i end up making something that doesnt work, i tend to avoid the AT after that and i dont want to do that. I just need some help picking out some powerset combos that really work and will get me to like the AT. Any recommendations you have will be helpful.
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