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  1. Godammit! $$e frustrated - missed again. I am desperate to contribute to your efforts, but keep missing the window. Woke up to the email, rushed to log on and contribute and the window had closed. Surely there must be an easier way to give you guys my money.
  2. Pretty sure I saw a 'Girlfriend from Hell' enemy using her flaming whip the other day.
  3. That 'Clear history' on a tab's right-click - is right next to 'delete tab'. Grrrr.... 😤
  4. Not going to lie. Of course. First thing i did was re-make ML, Stone Gargoyle, Mandate, and Bikini Atoll.
  5. Yes I am back. Of course I remember you my dear. ☺️ Send a tell in-game and we'll team up again some time. (i think ML is around LV14 or so at the moment). In the meantime enjoy these pictures from when we teamed on the afternoon of the 19th August 2006:
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