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  1. I was horrified when I went to log in and was met with grey doots, thought it was on my end... hope everything is resolved with ease, and thanks for the hardwork 🙂
  2. Just wanted to say my Surface Book (first gen, Nvidia graphics, but not the performance base) with i5/8gb of ram plays the game @ about 30fps stable on Ultra-ish settings at ~900p, I dial back the settings a bit and use Cel shading though and its closer to 45fps in most areas, but I max the fps at 30 because I'd rather have a stable 30 than an up and down. Ironically, my much more powerful iMac, doesn't even have the "advanced" graphics options available, can't figure that out at all... so no shadows, reflections, depth of field, etc
  3. I've largely been a solo player in MMOs, ironically enough... I used to team a lot with my old Defender though
  4. Thanks all! Working with a Demon/Dark MM, and checking out Going Rogue :) Now to get familiar with macros hah
  5. I played CoH A LOT up until about Chapter 10 or so, and then only here and there until about Chapter 15 or so. Needless to say I missed out on a lot, and my memory sucks in general so there's a lot I've forgotten. Is the Wiki a good place to start on catching myself up on terms, lore, etc or is there another site? I saw somewhere mention you can set how much XP you get on Homecoming so you don't feel the need to farm, where does one set that? My previous level 50 characters were a Dark/Dark Defender, and a Thugs/Dark MasterMind, along with a handful of other toons at various levels. Is there any where to view what power sets were introduced when so I can see what's "new" (to me) and maybe play around with them? As a side note, getting it running on MacOS was a bit of a chore, and ended up not having many of the graphics options available... thankfully it runs on my PC laptop well enough. The cel shading is really neat and makes the game look more "modern" in a way. Thanks all!
  6. Manufacturer: Nvidia (Apple iMac late 2012, 3.4ghz i7, 32 gb ram) Model: GeForce GTX 680MX 2GB Operating System and version: macOS 10.14.6 Does the game load (and error you get if not): Game loads runs smoothly, but none of the "Ultra Graphics" options are available. Driver Version: Monitor Resolution: 2560x1440, but I run the game at 1080p Multi-monitor?: No Graphics Preset Used: Ultra/Custom Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): As stated above, everything runs smoothly, but none of the "Ultra Graphics" options are available, no lighting, no shadows, etc Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I know this machine can run this game at the highest settings, but for whatever reason they simply aren't selectable.
  7. Unfortunately messing with the settings, default, or otherwise, rebooting, etc hasn't fixed the issue. Thanks for responding though, I appreciate it. I'll search around some more.
  8. Yeah, mine are all n/a for some reason. Is there any way to overwrite the settings in some text file or something?
  9. Hey all, dumb question... I finally got this installed on my iMac (2012 i7/32gb ram/GTX680mx 2gb/macOS 10.14.6). Game boots up and runs just fine even on Ultra Settings, but I'm not getting shadows or lighting effects in any way. Is there any way to enable them? Thanks!
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