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  1. Again back on live. I was in a PUG, doing some straightforward missions. Had a good afternoon playing. When we finished, team leader dropped a big bunch of SO enhancements on me. I was like, what? He said, just thanks for being a good team player and for an enjoyable session.
  2. I tend to agree with this. I often feel safer soloing my Blasters as they have a few more control options in their armoury. If I over reach things on my Scrapper then the ONLY option is run away and rest.. The exception of course is Welsh Dragon, my Fire/Fire Blaster. Now THAT is seat of the pants CoH😂
  3. Where do they announce the GM ones, for future reference?
  4. One guy back in the day used the same character name (basically) on his every alt and archetype. They were all essentially the same 'character'but wearing different suits of power armour that gave different abilities. Basically like Tony Stark and all his various versions of the Iron Man Armour. ALL he changed each tme was the end of the name from say "MK I', to 'MK II' and so on. Quite clever in some ways.
  5. Simple question. Is there an easy way for me to move inf from one of my alts to another one?
  6. Back in my old days on Union there were Costume Comps all the time in Atlas Plaza, Practically one every night almost on weekends. I have seen a few "announced" while I have been back in game so clearly they still happen but not seen one actually run yet. How common are they now in the game and, where do they happen? I used to l9ve checking out entries and bios and stuff at them. Some real creative genius on show.
  7. I did level up to 4 very quickly, facing that level which obviously helped by the end.
  8. I have a Brute atm named Tinkerbile (The Pain Fairy).
  9. Years ago there was a duo of a Stone Tank and a Kinetic (I think Controller). They called themselves Rock and Roll.
  10. I Like some those, good job on them. Especially Lagrange.
  11. Ah, sorry, mg confusion. The character ended up as an automaton Tesla built to guard the tower and as a prototype mechanical police man. A sort of Victorian tech "Robocop". On the security guard angle I ended up calling him "Warden Wardenclyffe'. I .like your Edison's Bane suggestion btw. VERY apt.☺👌
  12. Ok. I am now genuinely wiping tears from my eyes. There are costumes in those pictures I had forgotten myself! THIS is what made (and STILL makes) CoH one of the coolest games ever.
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