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  1. The added fire damage is nice to have. I think the resolution to this thread is to have the power description ultimately updated. I'm seeing the notes on Issue 18 that you're referencing. Thank you for the clearification. Below is a link to the Issue 18 notes, if anyone needs them. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Patch_Notes/2010-08-16
  2. Recently, I discovered that Fiery Embrace for Scrappers in the Fiery Aura set is functioning differently than described. Paraphrasing, the power descrption says that is boots the damage of fire attacks and additionaly gives a boots in damage to other attacks as well. For context, I'm playing as a Battle Axe/Fiery Aura Scrapper, with the Blaze Mastery Pool. What I have found is that Fiery Embrace adds fire damage to my Axe attacks, rather than a damage percentage boost, which is cool, but perhaps not intended. The bigger issue is that it has no effect on my fire based
  3. With the zone now capped at 50, it's become even more apparent that some bring their alt accounts and take up seats that actual players lose out on. I understand the reason behind the zone caps, so my suggestion is to do take the MSR approach to Hamidon. Instance it. It would make it more accessible to players who can't get in the Hive because someone's multiple alt accounts are sitting around and benefiting from everyone else's effort.
  4. The new format displays a lot better on mobile. Thank you for the improvement.
  5. I think we should use this thread to post when raid times are expected to be. I know they're usually at 9pm EST, but I also know that the time varies from leader to leader. This is more or less so there isn't confusion on the start time.
  6. Wow! I had no idea this was an issue. Seems like there's more than enough places to train.
  7. I had this happen to me, but for no other reason than I accepted a random invite. To be honest, it was pretty funny.
  8. Thank you for the detailed response, Dan. It was your post about the PvP Emp build, and examining it that got me thinking about this topic. I appreciate the input.
  9. I had an issue with this about a month ago. Run paper missions until you get a bank mission. After the bank mission, speak to the bank contact, and he'll have an option to introduce you to another contact. This is how I managed to get Pither.
  10. Hey PvP Community, I'm looking to better understand the building philosophy behind a PvP build. For example, in PvE, builds tend to aim for enough recharge for perma-hasten and capped Defenses. What does a PvP build prioritize? I know HP and To-Hit is pretty valuable, but I want to be sure I'm heading in the right direction. Thank you.
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