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  1. Turns out you can't just enter the building and log out, you need to move inside, logging out next to the elevator worked fine
  2. Turns out you can't just enter the building and log out, you need to move inside, logging out next to the elevator worked fine
  3. Parked a redside character (lvl 33) inside the crey building in Nerva for 4 days - and nothing, not even a progress bar (I know 4 days means 90% something progress) Dayjob icon is present under health bar Am I missing something obvious? 🙂
  4. - Parked the character INSIDE the crey building in Nerva for 4 days - Correct alignment (redside) Not even a progress bar. Is this a known issue or something? 🙂
  5. This very much. At least I make the effort to stay in character when I start up a team as "Anybody want to come along and party with the Freaks, as in trashing their hideout" (OOC info like lvl which side and zone and so on) As somebody else also mentioned people insisting that you use the "Walk" power in RP-situations (We just went through a mission where the mobs watched their mates moved down one group at a time, and you say that it breaks immersion if I don't "Walk" /eyeroll) People who started out early on Homecoming and have with their menagerie of alts been throu
  6. Thanks Kallisti 🙂 Those "friends" are a husband/wife team that used to be close friends of mine 10-15 years ago, that I've over time drifted apart from. Hoped that CoX would be a good way to reconnect, and I was obviously wrong, but I'll be damned if I let them spoil my CoX experience, and therefore I migrated here. Honestly I wonder why they play this game at all, since all they do is to stay in their base playing out a story of an alpha douchebag and his humungous harem of hot heroines that compete for his attention. Basically Sims: The Adult version. To each their o
  7. EU player here. Recently migrated from Reunion to find RPers. I tend to play 22-02 EU time and the population on Everlasting is higher than it was on Reunion at the same times. No idea about other times of the day
  8. I just wanted to give a big hug to all of you for the amazing reception I've had on this server You guys and gals (and robots, aliens, talking animals, etc) rock!
  9. I'm loving your replies soo much (and am almost tempted to send my friends a link to this discussion so that may learn something) It confirms my instinct that if you WANT to, this isn't an issue. Fortunately my friends were cool about me migrating and I had more fun last evening than any other evening in Homecoming 🙂 I look forward to hundreds if not thousands of hours on Everlasting (and as a side note, a shout out to all the amazing costumes I see randomly passing by or at hubs.
  10. I tried to hint about that to them, but was about as succesfull as you'd betrying to teach a troll manners 😉
  11. This soo much. Had my first evening on Everlasting and I'm already in love with the server. 🙂
  12. Thanks, moved my first 5 alts over just now, the rest will follow over the next couple of weeks. I'll check out the events calendar and I'm looking forward to having fun here on everlasting 🙂
  13. Completely agree Crude 🙂 And that is why I'm migrating instead of nagging on my friends to change their play style 🙂
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