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  1. This very much. At least I make the effort to stay in character when I start up a team as "Anybody want to come along and party with the Freaks, as in trashing their hideout" (OOC info like lvl which side and zone and so on) As somebody else also mentioned people insisting that you use the "Walk" power in RP-situations (We just went through a mission where the mobs watched their mates moved down one group at a time, and you say that it breaks immersion if I don't "Walk" /eyeroll) People who started out early on Homecoming and have with their menagerie of alts been through ALL of the content and insist that since they been through for instance the clone factory arcs nobody else can use them as basis for storytelling And as a side note a shoutout to those that do it brilliantly like Jarnac and others who have helped out some of my alts in difficult missions (Entropic Horror & Karl the Cactator). If any of you guys read this, two thumbs up. An in character reply to the call for assistance, an incharacter comment or two before mission starts, maybe another while someone rests up, and a short in-character chat post mission. I loved it 🙂, and it was enough to give me a solid feel of the other characters in the middle of the inherent chaos of a PUG For instance Pre-mission Helpful Villain "Want all of them dead?" Karl the Cactator "Only need the scientists, otherwise, suit yourself" Post mission Karl "Thanks for helping, let me know if you ever need a clone done" Helpfull Villain "Nah, I wouldn't want a clone to upstage the real me" Karl "I understand, I'm only planning to use it for cloning my carnivourus plants" Helpfull Villain "Why don't you just buy a greenhouse instead?" I laughed out loud. Highlight of the evening 🙂
  2. Thanks Kallisti 🙂 Those "friends" are a husband/wife team that used to be close friends of mine 10-15 years ago, that I've over time drifted apart from. Hoped that CoX would be a good way to reconnect, and I was obviously wrong, but I'll be damned if I let them spoil my CoX experience, and therefore I migrated here. Honestly I wonder why they play this game at all, since all they do is to stay in their base playing out a story of an alpha douchebag and his humungous harem of hot heroines that compete for his attention. Basically Sims: The Adult version. To each their own, I guess I'm enjoying myself immensly on this server. Never any problems to find cool random RP PUGs to run some missions with. I manage the plot arcs similarly to you now. The arcs "belong" to the character I feel has the coolest hook to them. For instance the clone factory arcs are "owned" by my widow Special Agent Wulf, since she was turned into a cyborg by the Arachnos after having been a council prisoner and test subject. It gave her a way to recreate her original non-super body and the hope for a normal life. I didn't even know that the factory would get blown up, but it fit perfectly in with her grimdark story. Praetoria is shared between Tankerbells and Cpt Cold Justice. Two loyalists. Tankerbells turned resistance after the Neuron/Mother arcs, while Cpt Cold Justice stayed lojalist hoping to change the system from within (and wouldn't have been able to stomach those arcs and stay loyal). DE arcs are reserved for Avenger of Gaia (an eco terrorist) and so on 🙂
  3. EU player here. Recently migrated from Reunion to find RPers. I tend to play 22-02 EU time and the population on Everlasting is higher than it was on Reunion at the same times. No idea about other times of the day
  4. I just wanted to give a big hug to all of you for the amazing reception I've had on this server You guys and gals (and robots, aliens, talking animals, etc) rock!
  5. I'm loving your replies soo much (and am almost tempted to send my friends a link to this discussion so that may learn something) It confirms my instinct that if you WANT to, this isn't an issue. Fortunately my friends were cool about me migrating and I had more fun last evening than any other evening in Homecoming 🙂 I look forward to hundreds if not thousands of hours on Everlasting (and as a side note, a shout out to all the amazing costumes I see randomly passing by or at hubs.
  6. I tried to hint about that to them, but was about as succesfull as you'd betrying to teach a troll manners 😉
  7. This soo much. Had my first evening on Everlasting and I'm already in love with the server. 🙂
  8. Thanks, moved my first 5 alts over just now, the rest will follow over the next couple of weeks. I'll check out the events calendar and I'm looking forward to having fun here on everlasting 🙂
  9. Completely agree Crude 🙂 And that is why I'm migrating instead of nagging on my friends to change their play style 🙂
  10. Thanks for the input Coyote 🙂 It's kinda the confirmation I needed to decide that my "friends" are being difficult, and I will be migrating over to Everlasting 🙂
  11. Hi, My name is Patrik and I'm an altaholic 😉 This means that for instance that my different characters have busted Chernobog dozens of times. I'm in a rp supergroup on Reunion, but getting a bit feed up with the players there more or less closing down the opportunity to base RP on anything happening in missions or storylines, as they also have done the same missions and are negative towards using any of that material for RP Example: The clone factory storyarc from D-Mac. I have a character that due to massive injuries in her back story has been rebuilt as a cyborg, with around 5% biological parts. It made perfect sense to me to use that arc as a starting point for her quest to grow a fully human clone of her, use som Circle of Thorns ritual to transfer her soul to the clone, so that she could live semi-normally again. This was immediatly shot down, as those players had been through the following arch where the lab gets destroyed, and claimed that it would be unrealistic for there to be many dozen of those labs, and anyway that it was irrelevant since in their "reality" the lab had been destroyed and was therefore off limits to use in stories. Compounding the problem is that I'm a bit late to the party. Re-started CoH about two months ago, while the others have been playing since last year and have multiple lvl 50 alts that have been through ALL of the content between them, and have long established storylines going rp-wise which are rather excluding to new characters unless they are made within very narrow parameters. Like forget about Praetorian characters since the founder of the supergroup had defeated Cole in a mission and therefore characters coming through to Paragon must adhere to the concept of her character now running Praetoria. The supergroup itself feels like watching Tempation Island, since it basically revolves around the harem of the founder and how they compete for his attention. Not my cup of tea, and those storylines are utterly uninteresting to me. To increase the problem, the SG consists of real life friends of mine. I could of course just speak up and talk to them about what I'm unhappy with, but they've put innumerable hours into developing that whole harem and get immense fun out of it. I don't want to wreck that by insisting on doing things my way, at the same time it makes the game a bit meh to me as I have absolutely no influence in the storytelling. To sum up this post with a question: What is the usual way of dealing with multiple alts doing the same missions on this server (yes, I'm considering migrating) 🙂
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